About DexKnows Local

DexKnows Local helps visitors be smart consumers.  It includes a family of sites and solutions with free money-saving tips and advice on the key products and services we all need locally in everyday life – plus easy ways to find and connect with the best local businesses.

Here’s what DexKnows Local offers:

  • A website packed with helpful smart-consumer articles, lists, tips, “how-to” basics, videos and color images, with new discoveries daily.
  • An email newsletter delivering the best of DexKnows Local to your PC or mobile device every week.
  • A full social media suite where you can connect, comment and participate with us and other local consumers, including DexKnows Local on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others.
  • The DexKnows IdeaBook – a visual feast of photos and other images showing great work, cool stuff and good people, all from local businesses – plus profiles and contact information to help you find that perfect product or service for what you need locally.
  • Special mobile-friendly tips and ideas for local consumers on the go. We’ll show you how to make your mobile device a power tool for being a smart local consumer.
  • Daily updates via RSS feed to your computer, smart phone, iPad or other device with the latest tips and money-saving ideas. Simply enter your email on our home page and you’re in!
  • A showcase of special features from other DexKnows sites, including our Home Improvement and Weddings websites, video channels, and more.
  • Insider connections to featured deals and offers on everything from auto services, dentists and hair salons, to landscapers, lawyers and pet shops.