Whom to Invite — and Not Invite — to Your New Year’s Eve Party

| December 10, 2012

New Year's Eve guest list

Putting together a guest list for a New Year’s Eve party can be just as tricky as coming up with New Year’s Eve party ideas. Do you invite only friends? Include family members? How about co-workers? Follow these rules for whom to invite — and not invite — for best results when deciding how to celebrate New Year’s Eve. If you need help finding supplies for your party, DexKnows listings can help with that, too.

Invite only friends you like

Admit it: There are people in your extended group of friends with whom you would rather not socialize. If you can do so without creating drama, leave them off the guest list. Explain to those who typically serve as go-betweens that you want to keep the party intimate for cost and noise reasons.

Only invite family members who are also friends of the same(ish) age

Even if you consider your mother a friend, keep in mind that she was your mother first. Do you want a story about one of your wild escapades being told within her earshot? If she truly considers herself your friend, she will understand. Do invite siblings and cousins you normally hang out with in a social setting, but promise one another to limit the photo posting to Facebook.

Consider carefully before inviting co-workers

Some people like to keep their work and social lives separate; others have no problem partying with their co-workers. If you fall into the latter category, consider what might happen if a co-worker drinks a little too much at your New Year’s Eve party and makes inappropriate comments or even advances toward a fellow co-worker or friend of yours. It will make for awkward moments at the office and could affect your working relationship with the person. Or imagine if that same co-worker who drank too much wants to get behind the wheel. For best results, leave co-workers off the invite list unless you have socialized with them in the past and they have passed your appropriateness test.

When deciding how to celebrate New Year’s and with whom, always keep alcohol as a factor in mind if you plan to serve adult beverages. Even one or two drinks can have an effect on behavior and change the dynamic between your guests. Consider serving cocktails with lower alcoholic content and always have something for the designated drivers. Have a cab phone number handy — or maybe even post it on the wall.

And if you do end up having to confiscate keys, be prepared with your party supplies by adding extra blankets or sleeping bags to the list for overnight guests. DexKnows listings can help you find those, as well. It also can point you toward New Year’s Eve events if you decide to skip the hosting duties altogether.

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