What Women Really Want for Christmas

| November 20, 2012

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Some women have no problem providing a Christmas shopping list. Others prove more of a challenge. If ideas for Christmas gifts don’t come easily to the women in your life, or to you, consider putting a thoughtful spin on one — or several — of these five tried-and-true presents. DexKnows listings can help you find stores and service providers nearby at which to shop.

1. Special Scent

Giving perfume can say, “I didn’t know what to give you, so I just bought what the lady in the cosmetics department recommended.” It doesn’t have to, though. Does the woman you are shopping for have a favorite actress or singer? If so, odds are she came out with a perfume for the holiday shopping 2012 season. Beyonce’s new Midnight Heat would make an excellent gift for a wife or girlfriend, as its notes exude passion and embody excitement. Convey the reasoning behind why you chose the scent in a note tucked inside the box to elevate this gift to something special.

2. High-Tech Toy

Who doesn’t love a fancy gadget? Think about what the woman you are shopping loves to do, though, before picking one out. A home chef might appreciate a new iPad from which to easily read recipes in the kitchen; don’t forget the stand or mount, such as the The Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount, for keeping it splatter-free. And the book-lover in your life might appreciate the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Splurge on something she wouldn’t — or couldn’t — buy for herself, but do so with thought for even greater impact.

3. Day of Pampering

A spa package from her favorite retreat will surely delight. If you have been paying attention, you know whether she likes massages or facials or both, but if you haven’t, simply get a gift card that will cover multiple treatments and let her choose. This gift will be appreciated not only on Christmas, but also on the day of pampering itself. If you want something she can immediately use, consider the Homedics ParaSpa Pro Heat Therapy Paraffin Bath, which will allow her to DIY soothing paraffin treatments at home.

4. Helping Hands

Is there a chore that the woman you are shopping for simply loathes doing? One that she won’t let you handle but just might assign out to a professional? If so, then give her the gift of helping hands. House cleaners, handymen and errand runners are among the professionals you can purchase gift services from during the Christmas shopping 2012 season.

5. Weekend Getaway

Give the gift of travel but, again, make it about her. In other words: Don’t book a romantic weekend getaway with your wife or girlfriend at a golf resort if she doesn’t play golf. Choose a location that holds special memories for you both, or choose a location she has always wanted to visit. For best results, use a local travel agent to help you put together the perfect trip.

Any of the above can qualify as what women really want to find under the Christmas tree this holiday season, but only if you put thought into a gift to personalize it. If you need help in that area, as well, turn to the experts at your local stores and service providers, which you can find through DexKnows listings.

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