What to Look For in a Carpet Cleaner

| August 2, 2012

carpet cleaning company As a rule of thumb, every home should have its carpets cleaned at least once per year. Carpets that endure heavy foot traffic from kids or pets should be cleaned more frequently. But how do you decide who should perform the cleaning, and how do you know whether they’ve done the job right? Follow these tips to learn how to select your carpet cleaning company:


Call each cleaning company that you are considering and ask how long it has been in business, what cleaning process it uses, and how much it charges per square foot. When talking to an employee, determine if he or she communicates clearly and is knowledgeable about cleaning carpets. Inquire about any additional charges for specific issues, such as moving furniture, pet odor removal or heavy stain removal. Do not hesitate to ask for client references.

Home Inspection

Once you’ve decided which company seems right, have a technician visit your home for an accurate estimate. The technician should inspect your carpet’s condition and provide a written estimate of the cost and the agreement before beginning the cleaning process. Prices are commonly determined by square footage, as well as the amount of deep stains and soiled surfaces. Standard agreements do not charge extra for vacuuming, preconditioning, stain removal, spot treatment or deep-cleaning.


Ensure that the carpet is first vacuumed by the cleaning professional. Vacuuming will remove all dry soil and may remove up to 70 percent of the dirt and debris from the flooring surface before steaming or shampooing.


Understand the cleaning process. Pre-spray is often applied to the carpet before the cleaning process. The pre-spray cleanser should then be heated and agitated to deeply penetrate the carpet fibers. Once the pretreatment has sat for five to 20 minutes, the technician will use a wand that pressure-pumps water into your carpet, then immediately vacuums it up. The entire carpet needs to be cleaned, so make sure the technician doesn’t skip door entries or corner areas, where high concentrations of dirt can build up.

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