Tips When Ordering Flowers for Valentine’s Day

| January 22, 2013

buying roses for valentines dayValentine’s Day is the busiest time of year for florists. Make the process easier on everyone involved by following these five steps for ordering flowers. The florist will appreciate your thoughtfulness, as will the recipient of your gift when the bouquet gets there on time and in full bloom. If you need help finding a flower shop, DexKnows listings for florists can help.

1. Have the necessary information handy.

Before you pick up the phone, go online or visit the flower shop, have ready the name, address, phone number and any special instructions for delivery. That way, you don’t waste time searching for such details.

2. Write the message.

Think about what message will go on the card before you’re too far along in the ordering process. If you wait until you are ordering, you may end up with something expected, such as “Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Me.” Put more thought into what you want to say on this special day and make the gift that much more special.

3. Keep timing in mind.

If your special someone has a favorite flower that requires special ordering, know that it may take twice as long to get that flower during the busy Valentine’s Day season. Order as early as possible to ensure you and the recipient get the most desired flowers. Prices don’t go down the closer you get to the holiday. In fact, you might end up paying extra fees if you order too close to the holiday.

4. Know the meaning behind certain flowers.

Red roses and carnations convey love. Yellow flowers of many types represent friendship. Keep that in mind when deciding what you’re trying to express on Valentine’s Day. Florists, whether by phone or in person, can help you choose the best flowers for your sentiments. The websites of florists often have this information as well.

5. Know your price range.

It’s easy to go over budget on a Valentine’s Day bouquet. Florists must factor in all of the extra manpower and supplies needed during the busy time when pricing products, and that cost gets passed on to you. Start at the bottom end of your range, instead of the top, for the best shot at sticking to the budgeted amount. Remember, there will probably be delivery charges and possible handling fees. Ask about those and keep that in mind when determining your budget.

Follow these steps when ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day for the best possible chance of the day being as special as you hope. Again, if you need help finding a flower shop, DexKnows listings for florists can help.

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