Tips for Decorating for a Baby Shower

| September 27, 2012

baby shower cupcakes

A baby shower is an exciting, joyous event full of anticipation. Make the occasion as festive as possible by trying the following tips for decorating for a baby shower.

Decide on a theme

Having a specific theme helps direct you toward the appropriate décor for your baby shower. Good themes that give you plenty to work with include a stork delivery theme, a diaper shower that requires each guest to bring a package of diapers and a baby chick birthday party featuring fuzzy, cute chickadees.

Showcase old photos

Gather photos of the early years of mom- and dad-to-be and arrange them on a ribbon garland or in a photo album. Guests will have a great time viewing the old photos and predicting who the baby will resemble.

Highlight balloons

With balloon art, you can make just about anything you want for your baby shower—from baby “bottles” to a wide variety of animals like giraffes, bears and elephants. Hire a balloon artist to attend the baby shower and provide guests with their own balloons creations. This is an especially big hit if your shower includes young guests.

Feature cupcakes

Cupcakes do double-duty of feeding guests as well as offering you immense decorating opportunities. Decorate cupcakes to represent various baby items such as bottles, bows and ribbons, cribs and baby carriages. Make a dramatic statement when decorating for a baby shower by creating a cupcake tower as a centerpiece.

Take advantage of nursery rhymes

Choose one or more favorite nursery rhymes and then decorate accordingly. Cute nursery rhyme characters such as Humpty Dumpty, Little Bow Peep, Little Jack Horner, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Rock-a-Bye Baby offer you a wealth of decorating opportunities for a baby shower. Use the characters in the nursery rhymes to decorate items like place mats and offer nursery rhyme books as party favors.

Use practical baby items

Decorate with useable baby items that the mom-to-be can take home at the end of the party, such as bottles and baby booties filled with candy and carriages brimming with gifts. Hang baby mobiles from the lights and place stuffed animals sporting bows and ribbons throughout the room.

Make a baby shower wreath

Welcome baby shower guests at the front door with a wreath decorated with a variety of baby items such as socks, onesies, pacifiers, rattles, washcloths and baby lotion. Give mom the wreath to take home when the festivities are over.

Use these festive tips for decorating for a baby shower, and the mom-to-be is sure to fondly remember the party for many years to come.

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