Tips for Choosing Wedding Reception Music

| October 30, 2012

classical wedding music Music is a key component to the success of your wedding reception. The tunes you play for your guests set the tone of the festivities and add to the pleasure of the event. Keep in mind the following tips for wedding reception music for your DJ, band or playlist.

Consider desired ambiance

More than anything else, music sets the tone for your reception. If you want an upbeat party atmosphere, then choose peppy music. Whereas, if you desire a more elegant feel to the occasion, go for more classical, romantic selections.

Use discretion

Consider the lyrics when choosing songs. Your favorite tunes might not faze you, but they could offend older guests, like your grandma. Listen carefully to each selection before adding it to the song list, and play it safe by avoiding any questionable songs. If there is a colorful song you just have to include, play it towards the end of the reception when most of the older adults have left.

Make your preferences clear

Let the DJ or band know exactly what you are expecting. Put in writing the songs you want, as well as any popular wedding reception songs that you definitely don’t want played.

Ask for suggestions

While you don’t want to open up requests to everyone when making your selections, you could honor some special people in your life like your mom and dad. Ask if they have any special requests and then dedicate the songs to them during the reception.

Consider all age groups

True, your wedding reception is your special day, but the point of having friends and family gather together is to celebrate and have fun. Aim to put a smile on the faces of everyone throughout the event by choosing a variety of music genres that appeal to various ages, from big band music to fifties bebop, rock ‘n’ roll classics to the hits of today.

Choose according to activities

Plan music according to the events to take place. For instance, choose some easy-listening music for when everyone gathers before you arrive and then transition into something dramatic for your grand entrance. Mealtime music should be low-key, and then you’ll want extra special tunes for the first dance as well as the garter removal and toss.

Allow some leeway

Avoid being so rigid that you don’t give the band or DJ a chance to get creative. Let the music provider know that it’s OK to throw in his or her own choices now and then — providing that the selections are in keeping with the tone of your reception.

Carefully considering your wedding reception music for your DJ, band or playlist before the big event may take some time, but this task is sure to guarantee an enjoyable time for you and your guests.

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