Tipping Rules for Taxis and Shuttles

| November 2, 2012

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Whether on vacation or just taking a quick trip through town, don’t forget the people who help you get to your destination. That’s especially true when relying on public transportation. Taxi and shuttle drivers get you to where you need to go safely and free you up to focus on things other than renting a car.

If you are leaving the driving up to them, don’t forget the tip. Continue reading for tips on how to tip, and if you need to call a taxi, don’t forget DexKnows when searching for the nearest taxi or shuttle service.

Tipping drivers

Suggestions on tipping cab drivers fluctuates between 10 to 20 percent. Consider tipping closer to 20 percent of the fare if the driver helps you with your bags or is kind enough to make extra stops on the way. Tipping Page suggests a driver also should be tipped $1 per bag up to five bags or $2 for each bag if they are heavy.

The same goes for limo drivers, who customarily get tipped 15 to 20 percent of the bill.

CNNMoney‘s summer tipping guide suggests tipping door-to-door shuttle service 15 percent of the fare, plus $1 to $2 per bag if the driver helps with luggage. If the shuttle is free, then don’t tip.

Hailing a cab

Sometimes it’s not just the ride. You also have to help the person out who got the cab there to begin with. The customary rate for tipping a doorman who flags a cab is $1 to $3. Consider the higher amount or paying $1 to $2 per bag if the cab driver helps carry or loads your luggage.

Skycap tipping

Don’t forget the skycap when at an airport. Skycaps help you carry your luggage from your car to the airport. Tips for skycaps range from $1 to $2 per bag, plus extra for additional services like checking in your overweight bags.

CNNMoney suggests $2 to $3 per person for the electric cart driver and $2 to $3 per person for a wheelchair pusher.

Bus tours

If you go on a bus tour, the guide offered by CNN is to tip the tour guide and driver 10 to 20 percent of the tour. If it’s an extended trip, consider $1 to $10 per day.

Check first because the gratuity or the tip may be included in the cost of the tour.

These are just some general tips to help thank those who get you where you’re going. Tips will fluctuate depending on the level of service you receive. When in need of public transportation, don’t forget DexKnows taxis.

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