Throw the Best New Year’s Eve Party

| December 12, 2012

new's year eve party planning It’s the biggest party night of the year, an ushering out of the old and in with the new. You want your New Year’s Eve party to be smashing.

You don’t need to go out on the town when you can throw your own party. The catch is to plan thoroughly, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. After all, many of us just got done spending our extra cash on Christmas gifts.

Here are some tips for planning a New Year’s Eve party. First on the agenda: Head to DexKnows to find retailers in your community as you stock up on alcohol, food and supplies.

Make out the guest list first

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of competition on New Year’s Eve. When throwing a New Year’s Eve party, get your invitations out first so that people aren’t already committed to another party.

Making your list also gives you an idea of what else you need. Consider what people on the list like to drink and what kind of theme will suit your guests.

Decide how big of a party you want to throw. If you prefer a smaller, more intimate gathering, make sure to tell your guests so that they know not to bring too many others along.

There are different ways to get the word out. You can e-mail if in a rush or call around if there are not too many people on your list. If sending out printed invitations, send them out with your Christmas cards.

Pick a New Year’s Eve theme

While not a necessity, consider selecting a theme for your party. You can go black tie for a classy event, or have a costume party if there will be kids or you want something a bit on the funky side. Borrow from tradition and go silver and gold, honoring both new friends and old. Or have an adults-only pajama party.

Keep it simple

Still have your Christmas tree lights around? You may be able to use them to come up with some creative decorations. Candles or other dim lighting would work as well.

There’s no need to get out your best china, unless your party theme demands it. You can buy plastic silverware that’s made to look real. Your guests are there for the fun, not to critique your party supplies.

Think snacks when planning the menu

Invite guests to come after 7 p.m. so that it’s more likely they’ve already eaten. That way you avoid serving a sit-down dinner. Think munchies instead and serve appetizers like chips and salsa, pretzels, cheese and crackers, and sliced baguette with various dips. If you’re worried people need more food to absorb the alcohol, you can always order pizza.

If you’re in a rush or cooking isn’t your thing, see if a local restaurant or grocery store can put together an appetizer tray for you. Or make it a potluck and invite each guest to bring something. Just make sure to discuss the menu so that not everyone brings the same three-bean salad.

While buying beer and wine, don’t forget to grab some champagne to help usher in the new year. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of affordable champagnes. Also make sure to have something nonalcoholic for party guests who don’t drink.

Plan activities

Consider games like Pictionary and charades to give partiers something to do at your New Year’s Eve party. For card players, make sure to have a deck or two of cards on hand. If you’d aiming for a more laid-back atmosphere, have movies or video games handy.

You can share resolutions, either out loud or by having guests jot them down. Also perhaps make time to discuss the past year and your hopes for the upcoming year.

Those are just some ideas. The key thing is to prepare. As you make your plans, don’t forget: DexKnows is your expert on where to find retailers and other businesses in your community.

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