Six Tips for Traveling With Children

| August 18, 2012

traveling with kidsA family trip requires a bit more planning than an adults-only getaway. Parents want to find the most family-friendly hotels and lodging options available, which DexKnows can help with, and they want the trip itself to go smoothly for everyone involved. Follow these six tips for traveling with children to make the most of your next family trip.

Pick accommodations with your kids in mind.

If you want to stay at a hotel, look for one that offers free meals and special activities for children. Vacation rental properties also work out well for families because they often have full kitchens and laundry facilities. If a pool is important, check the listings here to make sure there’s one where you want to stay.

Make your children a part of the packing process.

You may think you know which items your children can’t live without while away from home, but be on the safe side and ask for input. If doing so avoids a major meltdown on the plane, it is worth the extra few minutes. Obviously, pay attention to how much you need to put in your carry-on if you’re flying, or have in the car, to keep the young ones busy.

Anticipate sickness.

You need not pack every single medication your children have ever taken. Simply ensure you have a list of current prescriptions at the ready, or load your children’s prescriptions into your pharmacy’s phone app if it has one. Walgreens, for example, has an app that allows you to refill a valid prescription at any of its stores with just a few taps of your finger.

Create a schedule, but keep it loose.

Other than making your flight or traveling as many miles on the road as you planned, don’t stress about keeping everyone to a strict schedule. Relax and have fun with your family. If you miss the first shuttle of the day to the theme park, simply grab a snack and wait for the next one.

Break out the entertainment when necessary.

If you do find your family having to wait, whether for transportation or lunch at the hotel, don’t hesitate to fill that time with a diversion such as a kid-friendly phone app or an old-school coloring book.

Always have a meet-up spot.

Although you will likely have a firm grip on younger kids in crowded situations, you may allow older children to wander within a given vicinity, such as on the hotel grounds, in a museum or at other attractions. Simply designate a spot where everyone will meet at a certain time to check in. If your older children do not have cell phones, consider handing down one you no longer use. Smartphones have apps with which you can text message for free, allowing everyone to stay in touch.

A family trip makes memories that last a lifetime. From the planning stages of finding a hotel through the exhausted arrival at home, cherish the time you have together.

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