Six Reasons to Hire a Professional to Create Your Landscape Design

| August 14, 2012

The best way to ensure that your landscape is functional and attractive is to hire a landscape contractor. Consider these reasons to rely on a professional to create your ideal landscape.

hiring a landscape architect

Offers expert site analysis

Professional landscape contractors have the training to analyze your site with a critical eye. Where you see a grouping of plants in your backyard, a landscape contractor notes all of the little details, such as areas that slope and are likely to retain water, where retaining walls will improve drainage, and how much, if any, room you have left for additional plants.

Provides multiple design ideas

A landscape contractor has a variety of functional designs under his or her belt from which to draw inspiration. Whereas you might just see one solution to a design dilemma, a professional is likely to present you with several options that will allow you to choose how to make the best use of your outdoor space. Also, a professional will know the types of plants, trees and shrubs that will prosper in your area.

Serves as a hardscape expert

Landscape contractors are trained to design and build, which means they are well versed in building structures that you might find difficult or impossible to create, such as concrete driveways and pathways, intricate water features, patios, decks, gazebos, retaining walls and sheds.

Verifies the feasibility of the construction plans

A landscape contractor has the necessary training and licensing that allows him or her to verify whether a design that you desire is possible to implement and sustain. This prevents you from attempting landscape construction that may be detrimental to you and your home value.

Provides budget expertise

When you attempt a landscape yourself, it’s common to underestimate the cost of materials, which often leads to going over budget and may threaten completion of the project. Landscape contractors are well versed in how much materials and labor cost. They are able to determine how much the landscape design will cost you overall. Having an exact figure in mind allows you to calculate how much you can afford and plan your budget. Also, a contractor will be able to calculate for you how much it will cost to maintain the landscaping. You don’t want your investment to dry up or become ruined a couple years down the road. After you take everything into consideration, you may decide to build a project in stages.

Serves as a project manager

Coordinating the subcontractors and the various projects included in your landscape, such as hardscape and softscape, takes a lot of time and energy. It also requires special expertise to direct each subcontractor. Landscape contractors know how to instruct those working in your yard, and they can be counted on to bring in the right people for each job.

Hiring a professional landscape contractor to transform your yard allows you to create your ideal landscape in the most efficient way possible.

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