Six New Kitten Must-Haves

| October 24, 2012

kitten and scratching post

Kittens paw and pounce their way into our hearts, resulting in a third of all U.S. households having at least one cat. Before adopting a little furball of your own, pick up these six new kitten must-haves for the home. Don’t know where to shop? DexKnows listings for pets and pet supplies can point you in the right direction.

1. Crate

Kittens need a space they can call their own. Place a blanket over the crate, leaving a small entryway open, to create the ultimate hiding spot. You also will need the crate for taking your kitten to the veterinarian and to the pet day care and boarding facility, if necessary.

2. Collar and Tag

For a multitude of health and safety reasons, kittens — and cats in general — should stay indoors. These curious animals will go exploring, though, if given the opportunity, such as a door left open. A collar and tag with your name and phone number on it helps to increase the odds of your kitten making it home safely.

3. Food and Bowls

Ask the rescue group or shelter you adopted from which brand and food the kitten has been eating. Continue with that food until your first veterinarian appointment, then ask the doctor’s advice. Veterinarians will take into consideration any health issues your kitten may have, plus they typically have favorites based on nutritional content.

4. Litter Box and Litter

The best litter boxes for kittens have low sides that allow the kitten to easily climb in and out. Hold off on purchasing a fancier — and more expensive — litter box until your kitten learns the basics. Keep it simple when it comes to litter, as well, sticking with unscented products with small granules.

5. Toys

Kittens will play with just about anything, but providing them with appropriate toys helps to keep them safe and active. Fishing-pole toys come with a variety of items on the end, including feathers and balls, and allow kittens to practice their attack skills, as do balls sent flying across the room. As with any toys, ensure there are no small parts that could come off and become a safety hazard.

6. Scratching Post

Cats scratch as a way to remove the outer layers of their claws and also to mark territory. You certainly don’t want the equivalent of “Kitteh was here” on the side of your sofa, so invest in a scratching post. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with many incorporating toys into the design. You will own more than a few scratching posts during your cat’s lifetime, so feel free to buy one that the kitten may eventually outgrow.

When shopping for these six new-kitten must-haves for the home, be sure to comparison shop to find the best prices. DexKnows listings for pets and pet supplies contain a multitude of options, both near and far, with customer reviews to help you decide which ones to visit.

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