Six Hair Salon Services Worth Paying a Little Extra

| September 7, 2012

hair coloring at salonHair care can be a hairy deal, especially when seeking something beyond the regular cut and trim. Do some extra research when picking out a hair salon for certain services or for extra-special occasions.

Here are a few of those times when you want a hair stylist willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Read through these, then find a hair salon in your community on DexKnows.

1. Coloring

Hair coloring can be a stressful task, and one you may not want to tackle on your own. It’s more than walking in a blonde and out a brunette. There are factors including finding the right shade for your skin tone and choosing the right product to deliver that color. There’s also the “hair level,” which is the darkness of your hair, with level 1 being black and level 10 being the lightest possible blonde. Tones are another factor. It’s enough to give you a headache, while a pro will have the expertise to find the shade that will make you stand out.

2.Hair extensions

Hair extensions can add body and length to your hair and let you develop your own style. They can also damage the hair — they aren’t for everyone. Because of the pressure they put on hair, they are not recommended for anyone with badly damaged hair, cautions DailyGlow.

They are meant only to be used for a certain length of time, with recommendations to remove or change them either within a couple of months or when your hair grows between two and four inches. They require maintainance, and keeping them in too long can damage your hair.

Cost is another issue, as DailyGlow states they can cost as much as thousands of dollars. With an investment like that, you want to do your homework.

3. Chemical relaxing

Chemical relaxing or hair straightening is increasing in popularity.

Yet, there have been concerns raised with the Brazilian keratin-based hair-straightening techniques. WebMD cautions that some may contain unsafe levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogen.

Seek a hair stylist who is up-to-date on these concerns and who uses a relaxer that doesn’t contain too much formaldehyde and won’t damage your hair.

4. Waxing

Ouch. Waxing can be a painful business. Waxing takes some skill. Trying it yourself and doing it wrong could lead to bruising or burning. Make sure you are going to someone who specializes in waxing. It could save you some pain.

5. Wedding stylists

There are times when you want to just look your best, and your wedding day definitely takes the cake.

Finding the right style can be like creating a work of art. You want to find a stylist with creativity and flair. A stylist who specializes in styling hair for weddings likely has a lot of fresh ideas that your regular stylist may not.

Also, it isn’t just about the hair. You want a style that matches your wedding gown, your jewelry and more. It’s a day when the full package matters, and you want a to find a stylist who is up to the task.

6. Child’s first haircut

Cutting your child’s hair may be OK when the child is young, but sooner or later there will come the time when you want to head to a pro.

It’s not just about styling skills but also about people skills. This is especially true when finding a hair stylist to cut your child’s hair. You want a hair stylist who can work well with children, who has patience and who is accustomed to cutting a child’s hair.

Having a bad first experience can make that second trip to a hair stylist even more traumatizing. Find a stylist who can work with you to make sure that first haircut is a memory to cherish.

Keep these things in mind when searching for a hair stylist, and don’t forget: DexKnows hair salons.

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