Six Food Toppings That Add Calories

| October 23, 2012

cookie and candy frozen yogurt toppings

When dining out, it’s easy to up the calorie count with toppings. Learn six topping categories to be weary of, then use DexKnows restaurant listings to find a restaurant to test your willpower.

Multiple Meats

If cheese pizza doesn’t do it for you, go ahead and add a meat topping, but just one. Each meat topping adds about 40 calories per slice, which means that a slice with pepperoni and sausage packs about 80 calories in meat alone! Also opt for leaner meats such as hamburger or ham to cut back when eating at your favorite pizza restaurants.

Several Salad Toppings

Consider anything that is not a leafy green or other veggie to be a topping, then limit them to just one. For example, just 1/2 cup croutons adds about 100 calories to your salad, and 1/2 cup Chinese noodles brings with it about 150 calories. You can see how this easily adds up. Show restraint at the salad bar to keep from overloading and opt for an oil-and-vinegar dressing instead of something creamy.

Loaded Baked Potatoes

Do you really need butter AND sour cream? Butter has about 35 calories per pat, while sour cream has about 25 calories per tablespoon. Both work to add creaminess to your baked potato, so why not opt for the lower-calorie sour cream. Also opt for either shredded cheese or bacon bits, not both, when getting a baked potato at your neighborhood steakhouse.

Frozen Yogurt Toppings

If you simply must hit the toppings bar at your favorite frozen yogurt place, steer toward fresh fruit, which will add at the most 10 calories per tablespoon. Crumbled candies and cookies can add up to about 50 calories per tablespoon, pretty much defeating the purpose of hitting the frozen yogurt shop in the first place.

Sandwich Condiments

You might be surprised to learn that many restaurants actually put mayo on the bread when making a tuna-fish or chicken-salad sandwich. Make it clear to the server that the mayo in the filling will be sufficient and save the 90 calories per tablespoon or so that this condiment brings to your lunch.

French Fry Condiments

Ketchup has about 50 calories in three squirts from a restaurant bottle, and you already learned the calorie count for mayo. They both can really add up when you douse your fries. Appreciate that you already ordered a less-than-healthy side and skip the condiments altogether.

More and more restaurants are listing calorie counts on their menus. Take advantage of the additional information to spend your allotted daily calories wisely. DexKnows restaurant listings can help you find where to make these smart decisions.

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