Preparing for Your Parents’ Weekend College Visit

| August 7, 2012

parents' weekend at collegeHaving your parents visit you at college is exciting. They’re coming to see you on your own turf, and this is your first chance to entertain them like an adult. Keep the following in mind when preparing for a successful visit.

Clean up

Even though you might normally sit amidst a sea of take-out containers and coffee cups during late-night study sessions, it’s not the vision you want your parents to take home with them. Clean up your dorm room, including dusting and sweeping or vacuuming, and make sure to empty the trash. If it’s extra messy and you have a test or essay you need to focus on, it’s worth hiring a cleaning service to eliminate a little stress.

Check into local hotels

Search for hotels nearby campus to house your parents while in town. Visit the websites of each hotel to see which ones match the amenities your parents desire, or if the hotels are close, visit yourself to determine the best lodging choice.

Let your parents shadow you

Typical activities of your day like going to the cafeteria for breakfast and hanging out in the student union might be routine to you, but such activities are the ones your parents want to know about. When they’re at home thinking of you, they want to be able to picture you going about your day, so show them what a typical day looks like. Suggest they try your favorite meal at the cafeteria and tell them your schedule, including when you go to class and study and what you do for fun.

Introduce your friends

Most parents are curious about the company you’re keeping. Let your friends know that your parents will be visiting and arrange for a visit, if your buddies agree. If you have a close friend, suggest that you all go out for dinner. When your parents see your great taste in friends, they’ll be less likely to be worried about you once they go home.

Plan fun activities

If your parents are visiting over the college’s official parents’ weekend, the school probably will host plenty of enjoyable activities. If their visit falls on a regular weekend, though, you’ll have to be their tour guide. Before your parents come, research surrounding restaurants and entertainment attractions that will interest them. Try to choose inexpensive destinations like museums and school sporting events so that you can afford to treat them.

Preparing for your parents’ weekend college visit might seem like more work than studying for an exam, but the results — happy parents who go home without worrying about you — is well worth the effort.

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