Portable Storage vs. Storage Facilities

| October 22, 2012

storage boxes It used to be that finding extra storage meant driving to a self-storage facility, loading your items into the space and driving away. Now, thanks to mobile storage pods, a company can bring the box to you to load. There are pros and cons to both options. Read to learn more and, either way, start your search at DexKnows storage.


A self-storage unit is usually a steel-enclosed space. It may have a regular door or a roll-up door, depending on the facility and whether it is an interior or garage-style unit.

Self-storage units come in different sizes, often more sizes than mobile storage. You drive up during business hours or, if the facility offers such service, after hours by typing in your security code and gaining entry essentially 24 hours a day.

These storage facilities provide easy access. It requires you to drive to and from your unit, which may mean renting a moving truck or van if you have a lot to store. It may be cheaper than a mobile pod, but it’s wise to compare the time involved and all costs, including transportation, before deciding.

Mobile storage

With this type of storage, a company brings portable storage units to you. You tell the company how much you have to store and the company drops off how may pods it believes you will need. You pack them up at your convenience and call the company to bring them back to the storage facility or sometimes leave them on your property. There are limited choices in sizes.

The advantage is you don’t have to rent a moving truck. When you call the mobile storage company, a truck comes by, grabs yours containers and stacks them back at the storage facility. It not only offers that convenience, but with self-storage units, how much you pack per trip is limited by the size of vehicle you drive or rent.

There are disadvantages to the pods, however. Self-storage facilities may give you more immediate and around the clock access to your belongings, while you may have to call ahead to get into portable storage units. Portable pods are often stacked and getting you access means unstacking them. So, if all of a sudden, you want your favorite blanket you stuck in storage, getting to it isn’t going to be that easy.

Mobile storage prices may include the cost of transportation fees and gas. To make a decision, compare those costs with how much it would cost to rent a moving truck.

Weigh the options of self-storage versus portable storage units depending on your own circumstances. As you consider your choices, check what’s available in your community through DexKnows storage.

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