Popular and Alternative New Year’s Eve Destinations

| December 13, 2012

new year's eve party Where do you want to be when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve? If you want to be anywhere but at home, you’d better start planning now. Here’s a look at some popular destinations as well as other ideas as you plan how to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Skim through the DexKnows listings to find travel agents as well as bars and restaurants in whatever destination you choose.

Top New Year’s Eve destinations

At the mention of New Year’s Eve, it’s a good chance everyone thinks of the same place: Times Square in New York City. After all, many of us grew up watching the ball drop there.

Start planning now if you want to spend the holiday in New York City because you’ll likely be among many thousands of partiers. It takes arriving early in the afternoon to get a superb spot to watch the ball drop. Go with friends or family members so someone can stake out your spot, for when you need to grab some food or head to the restroom. Dress warmly and eat a good-sized lunch because you will have hours to wait until the big moment.

Granted, you don’t have to watch the ball drop from there. Head out to a New York nightclub or restaurant, from where you can either step outside when it drops or just watch it on their TV. Think reservations – the earlier the better – because most places will be packed.

Not your cup of tea? There’s also Las Vegas, another of America’s popular party towns. Expect special shows as well as partying on the four-mile-long Strip.

Maybe you’re thinking of a more family-friendly location. Disney World will put on a show your family won’t forget anytime soon. Many theme parks are open late, but start planning and check ahead, just in case.

Another alternative is Niagara Falls, where people gather in Queen Victoria Park to usher in the new year. The colorful falls become the backdrop to your New Year’s Eve festivities as you experience the annual Winter Festival of Lights.

First Night celebrations

Maybe you don’t want to travel out of state. Look around for First Night celebrations in some of your state’s major cities. Williamsburg, Va., Boston, Mass., and Columbus, Ohio, are among the cities that offer huge New Year’s Eve celebrations that you and your family will enjoy.

First Night Boston offers a day packed full of family-friendly activities, including tours of the Boston Children’s Museum, Museum of African-American History and Beehive Art Children’s Art Studio and Gallery. There’s also entertainment such as the Chu Ling Dance Academy and the Festival of International Short Films. The sounds go into the night with the Boston Poetry Slam, Boston Sax Quartet and Improv Boston, among dozens of other events. Then usher in the new year with fireworks.

Check around your state’s major cities to see if there’s a First Night celebration near you.

Party closer to home

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in style doesn’t require going out of town. Check around your own town to see what celebrations are scheduled. Many communities offer their own quirky takes on New Year’s Eve.

Call around to see what entertainment choices you have at local bars and restaurants. Maybe there’s a group throwing a New Year’s ball. Dress up and take that special someone out for an enchanting night. After all, if you can usher in the new year with people you love and adore, who needs anything else?

Keep these suggestions in mind when planning your New Year’s Eve destinations and make DexKnows part of your party planning.

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