Necessity vs. Luxury: Pet Grooming on a Budget

| August 24, 2012

wet Persian cat

Pets get stinky — dogs more so than cats — and require regular grooming. If you have limited funds, follow these five pet grooming tips to stay on budget.

1. Brush your pet’s coat daily to circulate natural oils and to remove dirt and excess hair. Regular brushing allows you to bathe your pet less frequently, every four to six weeks for dogs and only when absolutely necessary for cats. Less frequent bathing saves you money on pet grooming supplies and/or professional pet grooming services over time.

Doctors Foster and Smith offer advice on selecting a dog brush and selecting a cat brush.

2. If you do bathe your pet at home, use a mid-priced dog or cat shampoo and conditioner made with all-natural ingredients, as well as a pet-formulated ear cleaner. Only use pricey veterinarian-grade products if your pet has allergies or other health issues, and shop around before you buy them to get the best deal.

3. Purchase a simple and inexpensive guillotine-style clipper with which to trim your pet’s nails weekly. If you introduce your pet to this task as a puppy or kitten, you should have no problem using a basic tool as opposed to an overly expensive clipper or electric grinder.

4. Brush your pet’s teeth several times a week or feed your dog or cat seaweed powder or a dental chew daily. Doing so helps minimize the need for professional teeth cleaning, which proves pricey as it requires your pet to be anesthetized.

5. Have a professional pet groomer or veterinarian express your pet’s anal glands. Some dogs and cats never need this done, while others require it regularly to avoid infection or other serious health issues. Splurge in this area of your budget to avoid costly vet bills down the road and, frankly, having to do it yourself.

If your pet simply won’t stand for you to perform any of the above tasks at home, or if your dog requires regular coat trimming, look for deals on pet grooming services in your area to keep costs down. Daily deal providers regularly offer discounts from pet groomers and veterinarians looking to expand their client base. Before purchasing a deal from a pet groomer or veterinarian you don’t know, research the business or practice using DexKnows pets listings. There, you will find more information as well as reviews by real clients.

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