Mailing Services Are Now Full-Service Business Centers

| October 29, 2012

mailing packages at post office When someone mentions mailing a letter, the post office is the first place that comes to mind. There could be alternatives in your community that may offer more convenience. That convenience, however, may come with a cost. Continue reading to learn more, and start your local search at DexKnows mailing and shipping services.

The one-stop shop approach

Local mailing services are one-stop shops for your mailing and shipping needs. You can choose to mail a letter or package through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or use another delivery method like UPS, FedEx or DHL. The clerk can often compare prices and let you know what options there are, depending on where your letter or package will be delivered.

What started as local mailing has expanded into full-service business centers where copying in large volumes, faxing, key making and notary publics are available. You may also be able to put together business presentation packages with glossy and professional-looking materials. Some centers are also able to make signs and posters.

Convenience in a package

Some mailing centers work with different carriers, so they will get you the best deal to send your package. Rates vary based on size, weight and destination of the package. Not only can you drop off packages there, but some will accept packages for you to pick up. Local mailing service employees can help find a solution to securely packing and shipping your goods, even if oddly shaped or oversized.

Local mailing services may be located more conveniently than the post office, such as in a commercial district where you work, or shop or dine regularly. With the cutbacks in the Postal Services, these centers are becoming more important.

Depending on the facility, the mailing centers may also be open later than the post office, including longer weekend hours.

Similarities and disadvantages

Local mailing services do have similarities to post offices. They can sell you stamps and send your packages via the USPS. They also may have post office boxes for your use and sell money orders.

One disadvantage is cost. Local mailing services have to make a profit, like any business. While it may not be a sharp increase, you will likely pay more if you choose to mail a letter or package through a local mailing service. In the end, it’s about deciding whether the USPS or a local mailing service fits your needs best. Whatever your decision, remember to start your search at DexKnows mailing and shipping services.

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