Landscaping Buyer’s Guide

| August 1, 2012

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To get the most out of your landscape purchases, here are some pointers for choosing the right professionals and the best landscaping supplies at your local nursery:

Seek help

Even if you’re intent on doing most of the work yourself, you should consider hiring a landscape architect to draw technical plans. Some architects will act as consultants for an inexpensive hourly wage.

Native plants are less hassle

Research which plants can survive in our climate and have less risk of disease or insect attack. For example, in a humid or tropical climate, the yellow allamanda and crane flower (a.k.a. bird of paradise) are a couple of the beautiful, easy to maintain flowers.

Invest in quality

Sure, you can find home improvement megastores that carry common plants in droves, but the selection, quality and service can be better at a local nursery. The nursery is more likely to have a variety of local plants, not to mention a knowledgeable staff.

Plan your shopping

Divide your landscaping purchases into project phases. This allows you to adjust as the landscape develops. You can save further by purchasing landscaping supplies – from plants to soil to mulch –near the end of each season, when prices typically drop.

Irrigation is key

Keep your plants alive and your water bills low by investing in proper irrigation. Installing a drip or micro sprinkler system – preferably one with a timer – for your shrubs and flowerbeds can save you from lugging a hose around the garden each weekend.

Protect your investment

Once your landscaping is in, you’ll need to maintain it on a regular basis. Look in the Dex listings for those who can provide landscaping services.

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