Kids Christmas Party Ideas

| December 5, 2012

kids christmas party ideas It’s the holidays and there’s no better time to celebrate. While adults are going to office parties and other outings, why should the kids have to wait until Christmas to share in the fun? Host a kids Christmas party and let them usher in the season with joy. When throwing a kids Christmas party, it’s important to have things for them to do. You also want to make sure they have something sweet to eat. Read the following tips and, as you plan your party, check out DexKnows to find retailers in your area where you can get your food and supplies.

Choose guests with care

So you want to throw a party for Billy and invite his friends. Don’t just start inviting classmates without putting some thought into it first.

Consider the following:

  • How much room do you have?
  • How many children can you afford to treat?
  • How certain are you that they are coming?
  • How many children can you handle at one time and will you have help?

If you can only afford to feed a limited number of children, don’t invite the whole class. On the other hand, invite just a few extra because there’s a good chance some won’t show up.

Bake some holiday joy

Other than getting gifts, both children and adults love the holidays because of all the sweets they get to eat. Granted, you have to make sure everything’s prepared so they have plenty to eat. Or do you?

Let them help decorate cookies. Get some icing and a few cookie cutters with characters like Santa and Frosty the Snowman. You’ll still have to handle the cooking part, but at least you get help with the decorating and can give the children something to keep them entertained. Or you can pre-bake the cookies and just have the kids decorate them. Look through DexKnows for places to buy cooking supplies.

Keep the party moving

Shift the Christmas spirit into high gear by planning activities for the children., your holiday destination for fun activities, suggests planning games that the kids can actually play. Have them “Pin the Nose on Frosty” or race to see who can fill the Christmas stocking with candy fastest.

Want them to really understand how to get into the Christmas spirit? Before they come, challenge them to do good deeds for a day. Reward the “good elf” or, better yet, have gifts for anyone who participates in this holiday challenge.

There’s also crafts as a fallback. The kids can use construction paper to draw pictures of their favorite Christmas scenes or to make rings to fasten together and wrap around the tree. Better yet, suggest they make their own Christmas cards to give to family members or friends.

The Simple Dollar website gives tips on how to make handmade Christmas tree ornaments. Have the children decorate them for some holiday fun.

Sing out with joy

Don’t forget that part of the joy of Christmas is all the songs that bring cheer. Print out the words to some simple Christmas songs and encourage the children to sing a few. Depending on your neighborhood and the age of the children, you can head out and sing to the neighbors, too. Bring some of those cookies you made and hand them out.

Hopefully these tips help you plan your party or encourage you to come up with some of your own. As you plan everything out, don’t forget to support your local retailers. Check through DexKnows and spread some of that holiday cash locally by finding the go-to places in your neighborhood to stock up on holiday supplies and food.

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