How to Travel Anywhere With One Carry-On

| November 2, 2012

packing carry on luggage Checked-bag fees are common and costly on most airlines, forcing many travelers to pack the bare minimum or pay a pretty penny. DexKnows travel listings can help you plan your next trip to anywhere, which you can embark on with just one carry-on by following these tips.

1. Invest In a High-Quality Carry-On

Even if you only fly but once or twice a year, the cost of a high-quality carry-on will cover itself in no time. Most of the major airlines charge $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for a second — each way. That can result in a significant travel expense, especially for large families. The newest high-quality carry-ons weigh less, last longer and feature new designs that maximize packing space. Consider them an investment well made.

2. Book Hotels and Lodging With Laundry Facilities

Most hotels offer laundry services, but you want to stay at those that have facilities on-site, which allow you to do your own and save money — and keep your packing down to one bag. Rental properties and vacation rentals may prove the best option because they typically have an apartment-like setup with laundry facilities. If your preferred hotel does not offer such an option, use DexKnows to look for laundromats nearby.

3. Pack Like a Pro

Savvy travelers do the following to make the most of just one carry-on:

  • Place shoes on their sides against the outer edges of the suitcase, soles facing out.
  • Roll pants, shirts and other items to take up less space. Rolling also results in less wrinkles than folding.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom of the carry-on, packing them tightly together in neat rows.
  • Put lighter items and toiletries on top.

4. Don’t Pack What You Can Get for Free or Purchase There

Hotels and lodging stock their bathrooms with soap, shampoo and conditioner, at the minimum, so why are you weighing down your carry-on with such items? Unless you need a particular prescriptive brand, use what the hotel offers, which in many cases might be a luxury item compared to what you use back home. In general, don’t pack anything you can get for free at the hotel or can swing by a pharmacy for after arrival.

Following the above tips will not only allow you to save money upon check-in at the airport, it will also allow you to save time by skipping the baggage claim area completely. DexKnows listings for travel services can also help you find a local luggage store that carries the latest and best carry-one cases.

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