How to Get Around a College Town Without a Car

| August 9, 2012

alternate transportation in college Going to college has its share of costs. From tuition to books to food, the dollars add up. A car is an advantage, but it’s also another cost. There are ways to do without a car. Not every college student has a car, and many campuses don’t permit freshmen to bring vehicles onto campus. Some extend the ban through students’ sophomore year.

Read on to get some tips, and don’t forget for your taxi and passenger transportation needs.

Buses and Shuttles

If you live in larger cities, it is likely your community has a municipal bus service. Smaller communities may, too, though you want to talk to fellow students to see how reliable it is and how it works. Many colleges and universities and local bus systems offer student passes, usually at a discount. The school’s and transit company’s websites will explain the details. Also check to see if the campus has its own shuttles. They are likely cheaper and may even be free.

Once you figure out which routes will take you where you need to go, get a copy of the schedule and print it out or keep it on your phone or tablet. If you’re going to be standing in bad weather at a bus stop, take that into account when figuring out the clothes you need to bring to school.


Buses may not necessarily fit your time schedule, especially if you plan a night on the town. A taxi may be a more reliable form of transportation.

Cabdrivers often know how to get you to your destination the quickest way. In college towns, they may have special rates for students. In general, taking a cab can be more expensive, especially if traveling a great distance. If you plan to travel by taxi service, find your provider in DexKnows Taxis.


Granted, it takes some pedal power, but bicycles can get you to where you need to go. Check around to see if your community has a bike rental service. Some may even rent motorized bicycles. If not, you can purchase a new bicycle for between $100 and $200 and probably less if you are willing to buy a used bike.

A bicycle is eco-friendly and healthy. A good purchase to make is a basket so you have something to carry stuff in. Don’t forget to get a good bike lock, or else your bike may be someone else’s way to travel. Look through DexKnows Bike Shops to find a bike shop near you.

Share a ride

There’s ways to get a car when you need one. Check with friends to see if they are headed to the same place. If you are planning a longer trip, offer to share with the driving and pitch in some gas money. Some colleges, such as this one, have social networks set up for ride-sharing.

Check the classifieds. Place an ad seeking a ride or see if anyone’s offering a ride. Again, it’s likely a case of sharing the price of gas.

Being in a college town without your own cruiser isn’t the end of the world. Try out these ways and get around. When you’re ready to travel, don’t forget DexKnows public transportation and car rentals.

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