How to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

| December 5, 2012

The perfect Christmas tree“Deck the halls with boughs of holly” is one of the most popular Christmas lyrics. That’s all fine and jolly, but you don’t want to scratch the halls with the top of an overly tall Christmas tree you have to stuff into your house.

Families often think big and go out and find the largest Christmas tree they can find. But if it’s too big, it’s only going to cause you aggravation. Let’s discuss how to find a Christmas tree and then go to DexKnows for both trees and the ornaments that will adorn it.

Find a tree farm

Don’t know where to find a tree? The National Christmas Tree Association features a search that will help you find one within 60 miles of your home. There may also be a local charity or school that’s operating a tree lot. DexKnows can help you find retailers in your community.

Measure and measure again

It’s not just an issue of whether the tree will be too tall. Measure both the ceiling height and the width of the space where you want to place the tree. Write down the numbers or record them on your smartphone.

You’re not done yet. Measure how big your tree stand is so that you don’t end up getting a tree with a trunk too large to fit into it. Remember to also measure the height of your favorite angel or other treetop decoration so that you can leave enough room.

Don’t leave the measuring tape at home when you head out to find your perfect Christmas tree. Stick it in your coat pocket so that you will have it with you.

Look around

That doesn’t mean take two steps inside the tree farm, spot the nearest one possible and look it over. Walk around the tree farm and see what it offers. There’s a chance that, even if it’s been busy, you may find that perfect Christmas tree in a back row where others may not have taken the time to look.

Shake, don’t shed

Give the tree a shake and run your fingers along the needles. If too many fall off or if they don’t seem pliable, it may be best to leave that tree at the tree farm. You also want a tree that’s shiny green, not one already turning brown or that looks dry.

The National Christmas Tree Association suggests bending the outer branches. If they snap easily or are brittle, the tree is too dry.

Check out the trunk

Remember: the trunk needs to be straight in order to stand straight in your tree stand. Also, in order for the tree to easily soak up water, you need to saw 1/2 inch off the trunk. Some tree retailers, but not all, will do this for you. If they don’t offer, they may do it upon request.

Space it out

You want to make sure ornaments will hang straight on the tree. That means there has to be some space between the branches. If you are concerned, take an ornament with you and hang it on the tree to see if it hangs straight.

Ask questions

When you arrive at the tree farm, ask the owner or employees questions such as how long the trees have been on the lot and how often they get new shipments. Also describe your needs and ask for suggestions on what species of trees they suggest.

If you plan to replant a live tree after Christmas, contact a local landscaper to get suggestions.

The National Christmas Tree Association includes a “tree varieties” section on its website.

Finding the right tree is only part of creating the ultimate holiday experience. Once you find the perfect Christmas tree, head over to DexKnows and map out which local retailers may have the perfect ornaments to make that tree the tree of your Santa-infused dreams. And to see more holiday lighting ideas, check out this gallery of photos.

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