How an Insurance Broker Can Help You

| July 31, 2012

types of insurance Buying insurance online is increasing in popularity. This trend may leave you wondering whether you need an insurance broker. An insurance broker can help take out some of the guesswork and find the right company that fits your needs and budget. Read on about what they do and check out the insurance agents and brokers listing to find one near you.

An insurance broker is an independent insurance agent.

Some insurance agents sell policies for one specific insurance carrier. They work for the insurance carrier and their goal is to place customers with that company. An insurance broker sells insurance through more than one carrier. He or she basically works for the client, not a specific carrier. Working through an insurance broker gives you more options.

An independent insurance agent can take your information, such as your income, health, type of driving, or whatever criteria fits your specific insurance need, and find a company that fits that need. For instance, there may be auto insurance companies that give bigger perks to safe drivers. There may be others who cut a break for drivers whose driving record isn’t so spotless.

The same goes for health insurance. An insurance broker will ask about what you are after, any pre-existing conditions you have, and find the coverage that’s right for you and your family.

Working through an insurance broker also lets you save another valuable commodity: your time. Shopping around by yourself takes time. Searching on the internet alone may not give you the answers to all the questions you have. Insurance brokers are the ones in the know about the different options and can narrow down the search, freeing you up for other tasks.

It is the insurance broker’s job to know the industry. A broker is going to have insight based on years of experience that you will not get from looking online. Because a broker is independent, that broker will be able to give you an honest assessment of the pros and cons of various coverage policies.

This is the bottom line: An insurance broker or independent insurance agency works for you, not the companies.

You are the beneficiary of their skills and knowledge of the industry. An insurance broker can weed out the policies that don’t fit your needs and find you some peace of mind. Look through the insurance agents and brokers listing on DexKnows and be a consumer in the know.

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