Forget Roses: Just-as-Romantic-but-Cheaper Flower Ideas

| January 22, 2013

affordable flowers for Valentine's Day

Roses may be the go-to Valentine’s Day flower, but many other romantic — and less expensive — types exist. Learn more about flowers, and then use DexKnows to find a florist to fill your order.


The scientific name for this flower, Dianthus caryophyllus, translates roughly as “flower of love.” Meanings assigned to it include fascination and love, which makes this the perfect flower for a young relationship that has recently become more serious. If you want the color to convey meaning as well, a dark red carnation signifies deep love and affection. Or you can simply pick the flower in a color the recipient likes for a Valentine’s Day bouquet. With the seemingly endless varieties of carnations available now, that won’t be difficult.

Gerbera Daisy

Discovered in the 19th century in South Africa, this flower serves as a classic symbol of beauty, as all daisies do. Show your appreciation for that special someone’s beauty, both inside and out, with Gerbera daisies, like the above. Just like carnations, a multitude of varieties are now available through florists, allowing you to choose a color with meaning or simply by preference.


This flower takes its name from the Greek word for “rainbow,” and it proves worthy of it through more than 200 varieties and colors. If you want to give a symbol of passion, though, choose the yellow iris as your gift this Valentine’s Day. The dark blue or purple iris denotes royalty, which would fit if the recipient serves as the king or queen of your heart.


Originating in Turkey, though embraced without equal in the Netherlands, this flower serves as the symbol of perfect love. Certain colors bring with them additional meanings, some of which you may want to avoid. For example, yellow tulips once meant hopeless love but now expresses friendship, and white tulips conveys forgiveness, which, if not asked for, might cause trouble on Valentine’s Day. Opt for traditional red to express true love or any of the many variegated tulips, which represent beautiful eyes.


Choose this flower to honor the loyalty and longevity of a relationship. The sunflower obviously takes its name from its resemblance to the sun, to which it often leans. Multiple varieties of this flower are available through florists, allowing you to choose both color and size to create the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet.

When giving flowers other than the traditional red roses on Valentine’s Day, include in the note or in person the meaning behind your choice. Many do not know that carnations have such a romantic history or that a yellow iris conveys passion. By sharing the back story, you show thoughtfulness above and beyond the gift of flowers. And another idea: You can never go wrong by choosing your beloved’s favorite flower.

If you need help choosing the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day, DexKnows florists listings will connect you with a knowledgeable flower shop that provides affordable options as well as the more traditional — and more expensive — roses.

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