Five Ways to Save Money When Renting an Event Facility

| November 2, 2012

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When it comes to renting an event facility, it’s the seemingly minor items that add up quickly and lead to an expensive bill. Consider the following small ways to save big money when renting an event facility.

1. Bring your own alcohol

Many event facilities allow you to bring your own alcohol, which can save a substantial amount of money. Warehouse liquor stores generally have much lower prices per bottle than you’ll get at the event facility. An added bonus is that you can also return any unopened bottles to the store for a refund. Rather than attempting to satisfy everyone’s taste, opt for two wine and two beer options.

2. Avoid prime times

Depending on your event and flexibility, avoiding often requested times of the day and year can save you money when renting an event facility. For instance, if you’re planning a wedding, don’t rent a facility for a Saturday in June. For a retirement party, choose a weekday rather than a Friday night. And opt for an afternoon rather than a morning meeting.

3. Do your own setup and teardown

Many event facilities will deduct setup and teardown fees if you agree to arrange all of the tables and chairs prior to the event and do all of the teardown after the festivities are over. Of course, if this is a special occasion for you, such as a wedding reception, you’ll want to ask for help on the teardown from friends and family.

4. Provide and hang decorations

Decorating yourself can save you money if the event facility charges extra for decorations. It also provides the added bonus of allowing you to get things looking exactly the way you want. Find inexpensive décor items at a discount party store, or make your own decorations. If you’re having a nighttime event, white holiday lights add a festive, elegant touch at very little cost.

5. Edit table settings

Depending on your event, it may not be necessary to have a full table setting, possibly saving you money because it reduces setup and cleanup costs. A formal table setting includes a number of items, including a teaspoon and soup spoon, which may not be required for the meal you’re serving. Consider setting up a buffet-style coffee bar, rather than paying for cups and saucers at each table setting and for servers to pour it.

Keep an eye on the details, and it’s possible to save a substantial amount of money when renting an event facility.

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