Five Ways a Vacation Rental Saves You Money

| August 28, 2012

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The best places to stay on vacation have all of the comforts of home, plus a few features you wish your house had. A rental property offers such amenities, and staying in one can help you lower the total cost of your trip.

1. A vacation rental can cost less per person.

When traveling as a group, family members and/or friends can pay significantly less per person by splitting the cost of a rental property that has multiple bedrooms, as opposed to each family and/or couple booking individual hotel rooms. Tip: Look for a vacation rental with a pullout couch, as well, to increase the amount of sleeping space, though make sure the rental doesn’t charge you extra for having more people than beds.

2. A vacation rental allows you to eat in more.

A typical rental property will feature, at the minimum, a kitchenette, and many have a full kitchen. Being able to store perishables and cook meals means you spend less on food during a vacation. Tip: Buy food items in bulk for additional savings.

3. A vacation rental allows you to avoid costly laundry fees.

If you travel with children, you know how quickly they go through clean clothes. A rental property will have a washer and dryer, and laundry supplies cost significantly less than the fees hotels charge to clean clothes. Tip: Pack less and plan to do laundry, as even one less checked bag lowers the overall cost of your trip if flying a carrier that charge per checked bag.

4. A vacation rental offers less expensive entertainment options.

A typical hotel room has cable or satellite TV included in the cost of the room, with the use of on-demand movies, games and Internet access, often resulting in pricey per-item or daily fees. The right rental property will have a DVD player, gaming system and Wi-Fi router in place, and you will not pay fees for their use. Tip: Instead of devoting suitcase space to movies and games, hit a nearby video rental kiosk for inexpensive rentals.

5. A vacation rental can keep you occupied.

If you choose a rental property with amenities such as an on-site pool and a barbecue, as well as easy access to other included amenities such as a game room, tennis courts and gym, you will spend less time away from the property and also less money trying to keep everyone entertained. Tip: Look for a vacation rental near public parks and other recreation facilities to keep the fun close to home and inexpensive.

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