Five Tips for Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit

| August 1, 2012

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A storage unit is a pack rat’s dream, but there can come a time when you have too much. There are benefits to keeping your storage unit tidy and cleaning it out.

Check out the following tips on cleaning out your self storage unit, and don’t forget to scan through DexKnows’ storage listings when you are searching for a provider or looking for a better deal.

Clean it out completely

Sure, it’s work. You may be tempted to just grab a few things from your storage unit or redistribute how you packed it. That isn’t going to do the trick. Clean the unit out completely. You will be able to sweep out the unit and better organize your stuff. It will give you a chance to clean out any trash that may have accumulated or items that you really don’t need anymore.

You can also redistribute items among your boxes to keep them full and to redistribute the weight so there is less danger of boxes tipping over. This will be especially helpful if you have boxes to add. This way, you can find the best place to set each box and use the space wisely.

Sweep it out

While your storage unit may be organized, take the time to sweep it out. Keep an eye out for any evidence of bugs or rodents, and if you see a problem, report it to the management. Check with the storage personnel on best practices for placing traps or spraying insecticide.

Organize your storage

Make sure you can still get into the unit once storing your items. If you have furniture or shelving units, place them to the sides.

If you have items you are less likely to need in the near future, put them at the rear. Keep items you may need sooner where you can easily access them. Write on the boxes or use an index card to list what’s in each box. This will help with your search.

Protect valuable items like furniture with heavy blankets or coverings so that they are not damaged if other items are placed on top. This may be the time to buy some additional shelves or other supplies such as drop covers.

Look for hidden treasures

If you’ve used a storage unit for an extended period of time, there’s a chance that you’ve stored away items that you can’t remember. Take the time to look through and search for hidden treasures that you may not need, but someone else may. Consider placing the items on eBay or selling them elsewhere.

Host a garage sale

If you have an abundance of items, you may want to host a garage sale and turn some of those unneeded items into cash. You may also want to look around the house for other items that you don’t regularly use. This way, you can prevent adding more to your storage unit later.

As you read through these tips, consider whether this is the time to look for a better self storage deal.

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