Five Signs It’s Time to Hire an HVAC Contractor

| August 6, 2012

HVAC troubleshooting

If the air in your home no longer seems fresh and you and other occupants are experiencing discomfort, it’s time to consult with an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor. Sensitive individuals with asthma and allergies, and even those with no respiratory conditions, react to poor air quality caused by an improperly functioning HVAC system.

These five signs are an indication that it may be time to consult an HVAC contractor.

1. Breathing Difficulties

Indoor air pollution caused by an improperly functioning HVAC system can lead to a variety of symptoms, including breathing difficulties, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Such destructive indoor air pollution is more likely to occur in the home if there is inadequate ventilation, which is indicative of a faulty HVAC system.

Operating efficiently, a heating and air-conditioning system draws moisture from the air, and dry air makes breathing easier, says the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. An effective system also provides optimum ventilation, which effectively cycles outdoor and indoor air, leading to a reduced likelihood of high indoor pollutant levels.

2. Increased allergy symptoms

Properly functioning HVAC systems have filtration systems that trap allergens such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites, so they don’t become airborne and cause allergic reactions. If your allergies become worse for no other apparent reason, such as a change in seasons, it may be because of a weakness or build up in the filtration of your heating and cooling system.

3. Unpleasant odors

Foul odors emitted by your HVAC system indicate a build-up of harmful mold and mildew. A normally functioning heating and air-conditioning system draws moisture out of the air, decreasing mold and mildew and resulting in fresh air.

4. Decrease in airflow from the vents

If you’re not feeling as much cool air entering your living space as you used to, or if the air seems to be less forceful, you may have a problem with your vents, fans or blower motor. It’s also possible that your air duct system is leaking.

5. Strange noises coming from the air conditioner

Don’t ignore new unusual sounds emitted by your HVAC system. A rattling or thumping could indicate that the compressor is compromised. Left untreated, the compressor motor could fail; then the entire part may need replacement. Early detection often means avoiding costly repairs and replacements.

Pay attention to the warning signs and consult an HVAC specialist early enough so you can enjoy a continuous supply of fresh air in your home.

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