Five Reasons to Bundle Your Phone, Internet and Cable Service

| October 6, 2012

Cable TV Coaxial CablesWhy bundle? It’s a triple-play offered by TV, phone or cable providers, a chance to combine phone, Internet and TV packages into one deal. The benefits go beyond just saving some cash. Read on to learn about the perks.

Saving money

The biggest reason to bundle services is to save on the monthly bills. Finding the right package can help the consumer get reduced rates. Whether going through phone or cable television providers, customers find that providers are eager to entice them with a bargain.

Buyer beware, as usual. Savings are often limited to a trial period, and then, depending on the provider, the package price may go up. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for another deal once your trial period expires. While those deals aren’t advertised, providers often have packages designed to convince their customers to stay.


Let’s face it. For many of us, life is a race to get through the workday, finish our tasks and spend time with our families before we get up and do it all again. It’s easy to forget something as simple as paying the phone bill. Bundling two or more services offers the convenience of only having to pay one monthly bill.

Customer support

Bundling services means contacting only one central customer support center when problems arise. This also means one place to seek the answers to your questions about service.

Getting the best services

Providers are eager to convince customers to bundle their services. Bundling packages may come with popular features including unlimited calling, digital cable with HD service and faster Internet speeds. Bundling makes these services more affordable.

Taking advantage of such deals takes doing your homework. When you contact the providers, already have a list of what you really need and will use. Focus on the packages that give you the best savings on what you think you will really use. Sometimes, the package may sound attractive but it either doesn’t include what you need, or you will be paying for services you’ll never use.

Building a relationship

Bundling services give the consumer a chance to save money, but it also benefits the provider. By spending more money with the provider, that’s an incentive for the provider to focus on keeping customers loyal. They will do that by offering top service at a discounted price, which benefits the consumer.

Bundling makes consumers happy. Consumer Reports discovered that 1 in 3 readers surveyed chose a triple bundling package of TV, Internet and home phone service. More than a quarter of them said they would definitely do it again if they had a chance with the same company. More than 50 percent said they probably would.

Keep these benefits in mind when deciding whether to bundle services, and start your search at DexKnows.

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