Five Preparations for an Outdoor Event

| November 2, 2012

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Well-planned outdoor events that use Mother Nature as a backdrop offer a refreshing experience for your guests. Hold a successful alfresco affair by keeping in mind these five special preparations for your outdoor event.

1. Provide shade and shelter.

Daytime events must include a way for guests to seek refuge from the sun. Depending on the size of your event, you can choose from umbrellas for a small gathering, to a canopy or pop-up party tent for larger groups. If the possibility of rain or drizzle exists, opt for a party tent, as this offers the most reliable way to keep your guests dry.

2. Locate near restrooms.

While experiencing an outdoor event is an enjoyable adventure for many people, having to travel far to use the restroom is not likely to be appreciated by your guests. Situate the festivities as close to bathrooms as possible and put up directional signs so that guests don’t have to ask you where to go when they want to relieve themselves.

3. Apply insect repellant to the area.

Avoid having guests slapping off mosquitoes and other bugs during a nighttime event by applying a natural insect repellant to the area a day or two before. Also install discretely placed citronella candles and bug zappers, the latter of which attract and kill insects with electricity.

4. Inspect for potential hazards.

Unlike indoor event locations with stable flooring surfaces, outdoor locales tend to feature uneven surfaces such as grass, which may contain holes, and pathways with loose items like gravel. Several days before the event, do a thorough walk-through of the location checking for potentially hazardous areas, and remedy any situations you find. For instance, if you discover a pothole in the lawn, place something there so no one can trip in it, such as a piece of statuary or a table.

5. Plan for food safety.

Serving food in an outdoor environment introduces additional considerations when it comes to food safety. If the weather will be warm, it’s vital that you have an effective way to keep foods cool, such as a cooler filled with ice or an outdoor refrigerator. In the case of chilly weather and food that requires heating, bringing warming trays filled with hot food from the kitchen and placing them in chafing dishes often works well. If you have access to electricity, electric skillets and woks also prove useful. When insects such as flies are present, make sure to keep foods covered.

Entertaining guests at an outdoor event is an enjoyable occasion for everyone, providing you follow these five special preparations for your outdoor event.

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