Five Hidden Discounts to Ask About When Making a Hotel Reservation

| August 11, 2012

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Getting the best possible rate for a room not only lowers the cost of your trip but also serves as quite the ego boost. DexKnows can help you find the best hotels and lodging options available, and you can consider yourself the savviest of travelers by using one of these not-often-advertised discounts when booking.

Resident Discount

If you plan to take a staycation, ask about a discount for area residents. Certain hotels offer locals additional savings during nonpeak travel seasons. You need only present your driver’s license, showing that you live within a certain-mile radius, to get this discount.

Day-of-the-Week Discount

Certain hotels offer discounts for nonpeak travel days. Booking a room Monday through Wednesday can cost less than booking the same one Thursday through Saturday. If staying at a resort or a rental property, also ask about discounted services on those days because you often can save money on everything from green fees to spa treatments.

Corporate Discount

It doesn’t have to be a work-related trip for you to receive a corporate rate because the discount usually extends to you as an employee of the company. If you travel often for work, you will know which hotel chains offer such a discount. If you don’t, simply ask the person responsible for making travel arrangements for your organization to share the latest list and codes. If for some reason your employer frowns on using the corporate rate for personal travel, he or she will let you know. You can also ask the reservation staff at any of the hotels in your travel plans. If not booked through your company, you likely will need a business card or ID to prove employment. Also, your employer need not be a corporation for you to receive a business-related discount; government employees such as university workers and members of the military and police and fire departments can receive discounts from certain hotels.

Out-of-Order Discount

The engineering or maintenance staff of a hotel can designate a room out of order for any multitude of reasons. Ask if any of these rooms can be booked at a discount. If you don’t mind the fault, such as a TV in need of replacement or a snagged carpet, the hotel may rent the room to you at a discounted rate.

Good Samaritan Discount

This particular discount will be available only in a last-minute situation. Certain hotels provide a discounted rate to guests who have experienced a hardship, from the breakdown of a rental car to displacement due to a storm. When booking a hotel room because of a hardship, explain the situation and ask the reservation desk to cut you a break on the room rate.

Always speak to reservation staff or a travel agent directly when inquiring about these discounts, as many hotels and vacation rentals do not make them available through third-party travel websites. And don’t forget to ask about more commonly used discounts such as AAA and AARP, as well as rewards programs from credit card companies and the hotel chains themselves. Many hotels do not allow you to combine discounts, but you should know which discount offers the most savings so you can get the best possible room rate.

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