Five Desserts Perfect for Fall

| October 10, 2012

apple crisps, crumbles pies and tartsIce cream and other cold sweets may rule restaurant dessert menus in the summer, but fall calls for warm dishes and freshly baked treats featuring seasonal fruits. Dex can help you find the best bakeries in your neighborhood, as well as restaurants with fall dessert menus. Look for these tasty creations, best enjoyed during cooler weather:

Apple Pies, Crisps and Tarts

With fall comes apple season, and you won’t want to skip dessert if it features freshly picked apples. Look for restaurants and bakeries that use local varieties, and enjoy a warm slice with vanilla ice cream if possible. Tip: Check out this article from Serious Eats to learn which apples make the best pie filler so you can comment on the offerings like an expert.

Pumpkin Anything

Pumpkins also get harvested in the fall, making their way onto seasonal menus as ingredients for pies, cheesecakes, breads and even soup. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to put one of these cooler-weather treats on your table, whether as takeout from a bakery or as a slice while dining at your favorite restaurant.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

While the English enjoy this dessert year-round, the steamed cake with dates and toffee sauce doesn’t end up on many dessert menus during triple-digit temperatures. Check out this recipe from Jamie Oliver and then find a local British-style pub serving the dessert.

Pecan Pie

Celebrate pecan season with a pie filled with these all-American nuts (the rest of the world is stuck with the similar-tasting walnut; pecans were discovered here). Indulge with a chocolate pecan pie or one laced with bourbon for an even richer experience.

Seasonal Hot Drinks

Sure, you can get a hot chocolate at your local coffee shop any time of the year, but fall sparks the creativity of baristas everywhere. The long-awaited gingerbread latte, peppermint hot chocolate and eggnog chai become available and make an excellent dessert all on their own. If you feel like ending your meal with a hot drink while dining at a restaurant, order one of these hot cocktails profiled on, some sweet, others not.

Some dishes are ignored during the summer, simply because it’s just too hot to think about ordering a dessert that’s heavy, warm or requires an oven to make. Bring the likes of sopapillas, crème brûlée and soufflés back into rotation for the fall. Dex can help you find restaurants that serve them.

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