Finding the Best Event Facility for a Bridal Shower

| July 16, 2012

Bridal shower venue tipsA bridal shower is an anticipated event that a bride-to-be is sure to remember for a lifetime. Finding the best event venue for a bridal shower makes the day even more enjoyable.

Match your event to the facility

Various venues are well-suited for certain types of bridal shower events and themes. If you’re planning a bridal shower tea party, for instance, a teahouse is the perfect venue. A shower with a nautical theme is perfectly suited for an ocean or lakeside facility, whereas a fun night out on the town is best held at a nightclub or karaoke bar. Keep in mind that the bridal shower theme and venue should match the bride’s personality.

Consider capacity

Ensure that the number of occupants allowed at the facility is at least 15 percent more than the number of your expected guests. This allows for last-minute additions. The maximum occupancy limits are important, as they take into consideration the safety of your guests in case of an emergency such as a fire. These numbers are devised to ensure that the facility can be evacuated safely and efficiently.

Visit the facility

Once you have a list of your favorite facilities, make appointments to visit at the time of day that you plan on having the shower. This will show you what the facility offers in terms of lighting for photos at that time of day and gives you an idea of particulars such as the parking situation. It’s also a good idea to see if you like how the facility looks and feels and if you think the bride will feel the same.

Seek out satisfied customers

Reading online reviews is a good place to start when assessing if a facility is for you. Keep in mind that if, for example, you’re using a restaurant to host a bridal shower, not all reviews will apply to your situation. If a reviewer is complaining about their server and you’re having a buffet, that review isn’t especially valuable to you. Try to seek out reviews of the business as an event facility.

You many want to ask the manager of the facility for referrals and talk to people who have used the facility for bridal showers and similar events. Find out what they liked and disliked about their experiences and if they would recommend using the facility to others. Also, ask for advice regarding your shower. They may tell you, for instance, what they would do differently if they were to hold another shower at the facility.

Inquire about menu flexibility

You may have guests with dietary restrictions, such as those with vegetarian or vegan diets and individuals with food allergies. If this is the case, it’s vital that the facility is equipped to handle menu adjustments. Ask how they deal with food alterations and request to see a sample menu, which you can review with the guests who require a customized meal.

Finding the ideal bridal shower event facility is sure to make for a fun, memorable day that leads to a forever-grateful bride.

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