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| June 5, 2013

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Whether or not AirTran was right to kick 101 students off their flight is up for debate, but one thing is for certain: 101 chatty high schoolers can overwhelm just about anyone.

Take these steps to prevent conflict — even if it’s just perceived conflict — on your next field trip.

field trip tipEnlist the appropriate number of chaperones.
One rule of thumb is one adult to every five for young children, one for every 10 for older children and one for every 15 high schoolers.

Advise on attire. If students need to dress a certain way for an event, site or region, tell them in advance of the trip — even if the advice seems obvious.

Limit electronics use, as appropriate. No doubt, this will be a challenge, but explaining your reasons upfront will help. Tell the students to turn off phones before boarding a plane. Tell them if the museum they’re visiting doesn’t allow photography.

Educate them on cultural differences. For example, in Thailand, it’s considered extremely rude to prop your feet up on a table. The French prefer you attempt their language rather than assume they speak English — even if all you do is ask them if they speak English in French.

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