Favor Ideas for Weddings, Bridal Events, Baby Showers

| October 5, 2012

baby and bridal shower favor ideasOne of the best gifts friends and family can give you when it comes to special events such as your wedding or a shower is attending. And one of the best ways to thank them for showing up is a thoughtful party favor. Consider the following gift ideas for special events.


A wedding is a day of lasting memories and as such is worthy of a gift that evokes pleasant recollections of the occasion. It also helps if your gift is functional.

Good gifts for wedding reception guests are those that appeal to both males and females. Selections that work well include personalized items commemorating the day like coasters, wine glasses and champagne flutes, candies, scented candles, wine bottle stoppers and pens.

Bridal Shower

More intimate than the wedding day events, a bridal shower calls for gifts that offer a more personal touch. Since those who attend your shower are generally part of your “inner circle,” you can make these gifts more intimate than the general wedding day favors. The bridal shower is as much about initiating you into your new life as it is saying goodbye to your old one, so you want the favors to express this sentiment.

Consider items like elegant compacts, gift certificates for manicures and pedicures (or if you’re on a budget, bottles of nail polish), monogrammed tissues, tea cups and infusers or just a simple packet of tea, bath salts, bracelets and sachets.

Baby Shower

A time to celebrate new life, a baby shower marks the life-changing event of becoming a parent. As such, the gifts you give guests should focus on your upcoming bundle of joy. Spotlighting all things baby causes existing parents to think fondly of their own children, and those who haven’t had kids yet but want to are likely to be excited about the prospect when they get their party favor.

Fun gifts for baby shower guests include candy in baby-related packaging, such as carriages and bottles; lotion; cookie cutters in fun shapes like hearts and baby footprints; handcrafted soap and cookbooks.

Of course, budget and the amount of people attending your special event will dictate how much you can spend on party favors. Whatever you decide to give guests for weddings, bridal events or baby showers, remember that the most important gift you can give them is your time and attention during the festivities.

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