Eight Things to Expect From a Wedding Coordinator

| August 23, 2012

friendly wedding plannerSome brides find that a wedding coordinator provides a valuable source of assistance during the planning of this special occasion. Here’s what to expect of a wedding coordinator.

Good listener

A wedding planner listens to you and your desires and then does what she can to make your dreams a reality. If something you want isn’t realistic, she will let you know. Such an individual shares your vision of the wedding and wants to respect your requests.

Assists with theme choice

A wedding coordinator will ask you questions about the preferences of you and your fiancé, which helps identify the type of reception and wedding theme that would appeal to you both. Such an individual knows just the right questions to ask in order to determine what sort of venue you’d prefer for the reception, the type of flowers and the right color scheme.

Helps you devise a budget

A seasoned wedding coordinator knows how much items like cake and flowers cost and can help you come up with a realistic budget, which may require that you make substitutions in order to afford those items that truly matter to you. A wedding planner can also refer you to specialists who fit your budgetary constraints.

Schedules tasks and events

A wedding planner will come up with a detailed plan for how you will accomplish every necessary task before the wedding. Such a schedule should allow for some leeway in terms of last-minute changes. The coordinator will also provide a schedule of the wedding day to help ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Mails invitations and manages the guest list

A wedding planner can mail out your invitations and keep track of who will be attending. Her attention to such details gives you more time to concentrate on important tasks, such as your dress choice.

Has an emergency kit on hand during the wedding

Wedding planners are aware of all of the problems that can occur suddenly during a wedding, and a good planner will carry an emergency kit that contains items like pins, hairspray, bandages, and a needle and thread.

Sees that the ceremony and reception run smoothly

The day of the big event, a wedding planner will keep you on schedule and try to head off any problems. If something does arise, your planner will deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Offers creative solutions

An effective wedding planner thinks outside the box about how to make your wedding memorable. Such an individual is imaginative and innovative when it comes to commemorating your big day.

Knowing what to expect of a wedding coordinator helps you determine if you require such expert assistance. And for more wedding tips, visit our wedding blog Bridal Banter.

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