Doggie Day Care Decoded

| October 25, 2012

doggie daycareDoggie day care provides pet parents with a place to leave four-legged family members who currently require supervision. Use DexKnows listings for pet day care and boarding to find a provider you can trust after learning more about these types of services.

Doggie Daycare Solves Certain Problems

Many reasons exist for using a doggie day care instead of leaving your pet home alone: destructive chewing and nuisance barking being the main ones. With your dog out of the house, you don’t have to worry about him shredding your sofa or annoying your neighbors with nonstop barking.

At a doggie day care, your dog will be surrounded by other animals and can expend excess energy, allowing you to pick up a pooped pup on the way home from work or wherever you have been.

Doggie Day Care Can Create Other Issues

While your dog will most certainly be tired when you get home, keep in mind that just as kids pick up bad habits at school, so can pups. You may save your furniture from the destructive chewing, but end up with a dog that shows new behaviors you don’t love, such as marking or attempted domination of other pets.

And while the doggie day care will require your pet be current on vaccinations for distemper, parvo and rabies, as well as other possible health requirements, veterinarians also recommend a vaccine for bordetella. Also called kennel cough, preventative measures against this condition prove a must for dogs in a pet day care and boarding setting, as well as for those who go for pet grooming.

Also keep in mind that doggie day care only temporarily prevents the behaviors you wish to curb; it does not halt them altogether. Your dog will need to undergo training, either by you or a professional, to fully address destructive chewing or nuisance barking. DexKnows also can help connect you with such a professional.

How to Find Quality Doggie Day Care

Ask your veterinarian or a fellow pet parent you trust for a recommendation. If you must start from scratch with your research, DexKnows listings for pet day care and boarding can connect you with many quality providers in your area. Either way, fully investigate a doggie day care before you leave your pet there. You will find helpful tips on how to qualify a day care in the recent DexKnows post, “Going on Vacation? Find the Best Pet Boarding Facility.” Look for the same qualities in a day care that you would a boarding facility to ensure your dog stays safe while in its care.

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