Create Healthy Habits With the New Year

| December 10, 2012

5 easy habits

A new year brings with it new opportunities to succeed. Forget about the many New Year’s resolutions you have broken and focus instead on creating and sticking with these five healthy and easy habits. Whether you need help finding a new gym or an organic farmer’s market, DexKnows can be your partner throughout 2013.

1. Get Moving

If you sit at a desk all day, you know what a toll it takes on your body. Creating new habits such as this one proves easy at work. For example, stand anytime you talk on your phone if the conversation allows, such as if you don’t need to be typing while you chat. And turn any meeting with just one or two others into a walk around the office building, if possible.

At home, invest in a DVR, if you don’t already have one, to reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the TV. Taking away 15 minutes of commercials per hour really does make a difference. If you do find yourself watching in real-time, get up and move during breaks. Refill your water glass, play a quick game of fetch with your pup, or anything else — just get up and move.

2. Drink Less Soda and More Water

Speaking of water, cut down on the amount of soda you drink and raise your intake levels of other liquids. Both regular and diet soda affect your health in a negative way. The high amounts of sugar in regular soda typically result in weight gain, while the acid content of both regular and diet soda cause tooth decay. Diet soda also can mess with your metabolism, according to a 2008 University of Minnesota study of almost 10,000 adults, leading to a 34-percent higher risk of belly fat and high cholesterol. Creating new habits such as this one can be a challenge, but know that if you respect your body and opt for water, tea and other natural drinks when rehydrating, you will feel better.

3. Avoid the Drive-Thru

Even if you can’t give up fast food, at least park your car and go into the restaurant. That way, you can examine the menu without feeling the pressure of drivers waiting behind you. Such careful study just might result in you ordering a tasty salad or wrap instead of a loaded cheeseburger.

4. Add Organic Items to Your Diet

New Year’s resolutions such as “eat only organic” are not possible for everyone. After all, organic items raise your overall grocery bills. Instead of not bothering at all, pick and choose your organic battles. For example, don’t stress about eating an organic banana, as the thick peel protects the fruit from pesticides, but do opt for organic strawberries and blueberries, which soak up higher levels of bug-thwarting chemicals.

5. Set One Big Goal

Creating new habits such as the above should not prove difficult, as they require simple changes to your lifestyle, not drastic ones. That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to set one big goal for 2013. Work your way from the “get moving” up to taking part in an organized activity, such as a weekly walking group that trains for a 5K. Once you’ve formed the “drink less soda” goal, work up to giving it up completely.

Creating each of the above healthy and easy habits is possible in 2013. Again, if you need help along the way, DexKnows listings have the information you need to follow through.

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