Christmas Gift Ideas for the Procrastinating Shopper

| December 6, 2012

red present with white bowBlack Friday was weeks ago and you’re still trying to find that perfect Christmas gift? No idea what to get for your spouse/child/boss/best friend/fill in the blank? The clock’s ticking and you better get a move on. Here are some holiday shopping suggestions to help get those brain cells singing “Joy to the World” before you have an unsilent night on Christmas Eve scrambling to get your shopping done. And check through DexKnows to find unique retailers in your area.

Personalize it

Have a daughter who’s always wanted to be a princess? Make it so. At least make it so in literature. The website Red Envelope, among its personalized gifts, sells made-to-order hardcover fairytale storybooks that let her be the star in her own fairytale book. The book, designed for children up to 12 years old, features fairies whose names are based on the letters in her first and last names. Order by Dec. 18 in order to personalize it. The cost is $39.95.

She’s not into fairies, or you have a son, not a daughter? Red Envelope also offers pirate and animal books that you can personalize. Red Envelope also offers other personalized gift suggestions. There are likely retailers in your area that personalize items as well.

Read about it

Got a book lover on your list? Stop by a local bookstore or look online to see what books they offer that your beloved hasn’t read yet. If a child is on your list, consider a “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book such as its “The Third Wheel.”

What about a romance book enthusiast for an adult on your list? also has the Fifty Shades trilogy, featuring “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed.”

Whatever the subject, your local bookstore likely has a large selection to pick from — and can offer expert suggestions — to find that perfect book to grab an avid reader’s attention.

Feed their imagination

If a child on your list is a fan of “Doc McStuffins,” an animated TV series on the Disney Channel, pick up a Dottie “Doc” McStuffins doll. The doll has a doctor’s kit that helps her “fix” her stuffed animal friends such as Lambie, which comes with the doll. Then again, if you grab a “Doc McStuffins,” you don’t want her to get bored. Head out to local retailers and see what stuffed animals you can find. Look through DexKnows to find toy retailers in your community.

Quench their thirst

Beer-making is becoming a popular hobby. Got a beer lover for whom to buy? Consider a beer making kit. The kit, sold through the website Uncommon Goods, supplies you with everything you need to make your own beer.

If you don’t think making beer would be their thing, see if there’s a local winery or a place that may sell hard -to-find beers or wines. If a winery is nearby, maybe someone on your list would enjoy a gift certificate to a wine tasting event or a night out with wine and pizza. See what kind of activities the winery offers.

Entertain them

Maybe that special loved one would like a night on the town. Pick up a gift certificate to a local restaurant and tickets to a play or concert offered at a nearby venue. Let them and someone they choose get away for a bit and enjoy a taste of local entertainment.

Pamper them

Who doesn’t like a little rest and relaxation? Let’s face it: The holidays can make people tense. Offer up a way to relieve someone’s tension by giving them a gift certificate to a local massage therapist.

Massage therapists use different methods to wipe away the general stress of the day or dig into those aching muscles and relieve them.

Maybe the person you’re buying for would rather be comforted in their own home. Check around local shops for a massage kit or a foot massager. Local stores sell massage oils that you can buy for that special someone on your list, with a promise to give them a massage when they request it. Or you can buy a massager that your gift recipient can just stick on a chair and use at the end of a busy day.

These are just some of the possibilities. Rather than be discouraged that time’s ticking away, head out there and look around to find that perfect gift. Talk to retailers and see what’s popular. DexKnows can help you get to where you want to be.

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