Before You Get That Tattoo on Spring Break, Consider This

| February 11, 2013

Spring break means fun and excitement for college students. For many, that fun and excitement may mean getting your body inked. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, check out our photo gallery above for inspiration from Tatu Tattoo, Jaded Soul Tattoo, Black Squirrel Tattoo and Archer Avenue Tattoo.

But before you decide to get that spring break tattoo, carefully consider both the tattoo and the tattoo parlor. If you to decide to get a tattoo, or if you have one you want to have removed, DexKnows can help you find a reputable business.

Find the right tattoo parlor

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that 21 percent of U.S. adults report having at least one piece of permanent artwork. Things to look for in a tattoo parlor include whether the artist wears gloves, whether the tattoo shop sterilizes equipment and whether the tattoo artist opens a sterile needle in front of you. If any of these are missing, consider using another tattoo artist.

There’s also the consideration of what’s used in the ink put into your skin. The CDC states that concentrated tattoo inks may contain products like drawing ink, calligraphy ink or printer ink never meant to be used for tattoos.

Tattoo artists also need to be careful to either not dilute inks or only use sterile water. Distilled or reverse osmosis water may not be sterile enough to use. Non-sterile water can lead to infections.

The CDC suggests consumers:

  • Use tattoo parlors approved/registered by their local jurisdictions.
  • Request inks that are manufactured specifically for tattoos.
  • Ensure that tattoo artists follow appropriate hygienic practices.
  • Be aware of the potential for infection after tattooing and promptly seek medical care if skin problems occur.

Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration share other tattoo risks, including allergies that people may have to different ink pigments. There may also be unwanted scar tissue.

Consider your tattoo selection carefully

A tattoo is permanent, at least unless you later pay additional money to get it removed. There’s always the danger you may not like it later.

Consider these pop celebrity stories shared by the Dallas Morning News. Denise Richards covered up Charlie Sheen’s tattooed name with a fairy after they divorced. He had her name removed. Actor Tony Danza had a “Keep On Truckin’” tattoo removed.

This isn’t a decision you want to make after a few drinks. This is art that isn’t going away. When getting a tattoo, you want to seriously consider what to get and make sure it suits your personality. You also want to make sure the tattoo artist has the skills needed to do the job.

Don’t just walk in and start looking at what’s on the wall. Talk to the tattoo artist and get help finding something that matches your personality. Look at some tattoo magazines before you go. Something permanent shouldn’t be decided in five minutes.

Think about the future

When you consider getting a tattoo, think about whether it fits into your future. Getting someone’s name tattooed may be risky if you break up and later get in another relationship. There’s also the question whether it will fit in your line of work.

Consider whether having a tattoo could hamper your job search. If so, and you still want a tattoo, get it in an area of the body not as visible.

These are just some things to keep in mind as you consider whether to get a tattoo over spring break. If you have any other questions, DexKnows can help you find a tattoo artist in your area.

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Images via Tatu Tattoo, Jaded Soul TattooBlack Squirrel Tattoo and Archer Avenue Tattoo.

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