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| September 8, 2012

unique baked goods ideasTempting baked goods are always a treat, especially when there’s something new to taste at your local bakery. The following baked good trends offer new ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cake pops

Composed of cake on a Popsicle stick, these treats generally feature cake, baked and then crumbled and mixed with frosting and rolled into a ball. Popsicle sticks are inserted into the balls, then they’re dipped in a sweet candy coating and decorated or double-dipped in sprinkles.


Once simply a popular staple at children’s birthday parties, cupcakes now come in hundreds of trendy flavors besides the ubiquitous chocolate and vanilla. These single-serving baked goods even spawned a rash of cupcakeries whose sole purpose is to create as many different types of cupcakes as possible. In some cupcake shops you’ll find 50 different flavors, like banana, lemon, coconut and caramel cream. You’ll also find these single-serving cakes decorated with everything from “Happy Birthday” to “Congratulations” to “Will You Marry Me?”

Cookie bars

Essentially a large cookie, cookie bars are a trendy treat that allows you to supersize your cookies and add a variety of tasty ingredients to the dough. Discover everything from velvety cheesecake bars to gooey, chewy chocolate chip and oatmeal bars to the ever-popular ultra-rich brownie bar.


Light, fluffy popovers are a retro dessert that’s making a comeback. Resembling small hats filled with air, these tasty treats are not particularly sweet and can therefore be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as serving them as part of your breakfast. You can even make savory popovers featuring additions like cheese, corn and meat.

Gluten-free goodies

Gluten-free baked goods have gone mainstream. You’ll find a gluten-free version of just about every baked item from cookies, to cake, to doughnuts and even pretzels. Find a wide variety of gluten-free products in the health food section of the store, or you can bake your own using ingredients such as spelt flour.


Your standard hot, yeasty pretzel covered in salt still holds a prominent place among baked goods but has been joined by pretzel variations such as dessert pretzels covered in toppings like cinnamon sugar as well as savory selections stuffed with foods like cheese and pepperoni.

Dessert in a jar

Baking desserts in canning jars is another popular trend. These single-serve goodies include just about any dessert you can imagine featured in a jar. It can include brownies, pies, rice and bread pudding and even trifle.

To check out these latest dessert trends and spot more, head to your local bakery! And see delicious versions of these desserts on our baked goods pinboard.

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