Are Package Vacations Really a Better Deal?

| October 26, 2012

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Which costs more? Booking airfare, hotel and other travel services separately? Or opting for a package vacation? DexKnows listings for travel services can help you find the answer.

Price Each Item Separately

If you come across a package vacation that presents itself as a deal, search individually online for the exact same services. Pick the same airline, hotel and anything else included for the same dates in the deal. Note the individual costs and compare them to the vacation package. Do the math to know if the deal truly lowers the price.

Expand Your Options

Now shop the same airline and hotel but play with the dates. Does the vacation package span a weekend? If so, what would it cost to fly or stay midweek? It might cost less. Next look at the hotel room included in the deal. Is it unnecessarily large or lux for your needs? Could you get a better rate on a smaller room? The deal might provide savings on hotels and lodging, but you might not need that level of accommodations.

Also consider all that comes with the package vacation. Does it include champagne up on arrival, and you don’t drink? Or green fees, and you don’t play golf? Don’t simply dismiss these as amenities you will not take advantage of, as their price gets added into the overall value of the deal and therefore the savings it offers. If you don’t plan to take advantage of all a package vacation offers, the savings diminish.

Read the Fine Print

Always read the fine print on any vacation package deal, particularly the exclusions. Items such as reservation and daily resort fees prove a common sight on these types of deals and must be factored into the total cost of travel when determining savings.

Do the Math

Package vacations that lower the overall cost of travel certainly exist, but you really must do the math before making a reservation. Don’t take advantage of a deal simply because it gets presented as such. Factor the cost of all services into the equation and compare costs. You might find that with a little flexibility on your part, you can drive the price of a trip even lower than that a package vacation.

DexKnows listings for travel services can connect you with airlines, hotels and lodging, car rental and many other providers. You can even use a travel agent to do all of the above research and calculations for you.

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