5 Ways to Show Your Mother-in-Law Some Holiday Love

| December 3, 2012

mother in law and daughter hugging Christmas is coming up and you glance at your list. You start checking names off and notice one you haven’t figured out yet: What to get your mother-in-law.

No need for panic. Granted, it can be stressful because no one wants to upset their spouse’s mother. But if you pay a little attention to her interests and get a little feedback from the family, it doesn’t have to be that scary. Consider what she likes to do. Does she have a hobby? How does she decorate her house? Does she enjoy family keepsakes? Look through these suggestions and remember to scan through DexKnows to find unique retailers in your community.

Share a smile

There’s nothing grandparents like more than smiling photos of their grandchildren. When’s the last time you shared some with your in-laws? Going out and getting a family portrait is an option, but if it’s too pricey, there are other ideas. What about buying a photo album and filling it with candid pictures? Make sure to include a few of your children with your mother-in-law. You can also buy a digital photo frame and fill it up with photos. That way she can add more of her own. No grandchildren? What about photos of you and your spouse and other family members?

Light up her day

Does your mother-in-law like candles? You can buy some to brighten up her home. Add holders and accessories. Talk to family members and see what scents she likes. There is quite a variety available of colors, scents and styles. Many are now dripless too. It’s easy to find something to impress the candle lover in her.

Let her treat herself

Who doesn’t enjoy a day off? Buy your mother-in-law a gift certificate to a spa. Let her enjoy a day of pampering, perhaps a massage or whatever she would enjoy. Give her the chance to let others wait on her for a change and make her feel like a queen. She’ll enjoy the royal treatment and will remember that you are the one who made it happen.

Give her some fun

Talk to your spouse and family members and see what your mother-in-law likes to do. Does she have a hobby like scrapbooking or knitting? If she enjoys crafts, you can buy her some paint or a gift card for her favorite crafts store. Perhaps she’s into crocheting and is in need of new needles. There’s also bakeware if she enjoys cooking; but only do that if it’s a passion of hers and not if she considers cooking a chore. Helping her enjoy her hobby shows that you pay attention and care about her interests.

Let her choose

Can’t think of anything? Perhaps the best bet is to let her choose. See if she has a favorite store or restaurant and get her a gift certificate or gift card. If there’s a shopping mall near her home, get her a mall gift card. Don’t just get her a VISA gift card — that shows you didn’t take the time to see what she likes. But there’s nothing wrong with catering to her specific interests via a store gift card and letting her decide what she wants the most.

These are just some ideas. The most important thing is to pay attention, not only during the holidays but year-round. That way you are better prepared when it comes time to get her something for Christmas.

Don’t know what’s available in her neighborhood? Hop on DexKnows and find local retailers near her, or find ones near you where you can find that perfect gift.

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