5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

| December 12, 2012

keeping new year's resolutions Does this sound like you? You have the best intentions when making New Year’s resolutions, but the worst follow-through. If this describes you, follow these five ways to make your New Year’s resolutions work in 2013 and achieve success. DexKnows listings can help with any information you might need along the way.

1. Partner up

If creating new habits such as eating healthier or exercising more ranks on your list of resolutions, partner up with someone with similar goals. Meeting a friend for a healthy lunch or a hike helps keep you on track. Also, you can complain to each other about the lack of cheese enchiladas in your life or the grueling workout sessions with your trainer.

2. Embrace technology

If you didn’t get for Christmas one of the many activity trackers available, purchase one for yourself and put it to work. The Fitbit Zip, for example, tracks steps, distance and calories burned each day and transmits the data to a computer or selected smartphone. There also are a variety of apps to help with a financial resolution. If you vowed to spend less on lunch each day while at work, use an app such as Mint to start tracking expenses and meeting your goal. Gadgets such as these help you stay motivated.

3. Set mini-goals

If you have more than a few pounds to lose and don’t exercise regularly, don’t make running a marathon your exercise resolution. Instead, set mini-goals to meet during the year, such as joining a walking group or completing a 5K. Note: You don’t have to come in first in the 5K, you just need to keep at it. Same goes for a resolution to eat healthier. For example, if you consume two or three unhealthy sodas a day, set a goal of drinking just one a day for the first quarter, one every other day for the second quarter, and so on. Before you know it, you will have kept your New Year’s resolutions for months instead of days.

4. Reward yourself

As you meet your mini-goals, reward yourself with treats. Plan a spa pedicure once a month to ease feet aching from all that exercise. Splurge on a much-wanted gadget once six months of smarter spending pass. And if you manage to avoid unhealthy foods for six days out of the week, treat yourself to a nice — but still healthy — meal at your favorite restaurant.

5. Don’t expect perfection

If you do occasionally slip, don’t give up for the entire year, just start anew the next day. Too many people let go of New Year’s resolutions after a bad week or month. Creating new habits takes time and the will to start over if necessary.

If at any point during 2013 you need information or assistance meeting your goals, DexKnows listings can point you in the right direction.

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