5 Tips for Traveling With Pets

| October 3, 2012

traveling petsFor some families, bringing along four-legged members makes a vacation complete. If you plan to take your cat or dog with you next time you travel, DexKnows can help you find the best pet-friendly hotels. Also keep the following five tips for traveling with pets in mind if you plan to travel by air, train or bus.

1. Research pet policies before making any reservations.

Not all travel providers allow pets on board, and those that do generally limit their number per plane, train or bus, as well as by length of flight. Once you decide how the humans in your family will travel, research the pet policies to ensure they can come along. Also learn the size restrictions and carrier requirements for pet travel. For example, only pets that can travel in a carrier that fits underneath the seat in front of you are allowed in the cabin of an airplane; otherwise, they must fly as cargo, which may be prohibited during certain times of the year and in certain areas of the country. Know your options before making any reservations, as you may have to use another travel method for everyone.

2. Find the best pet-friendly hotel.

DexKnows listings for hotels and lodging, as well as listings for rental property-vacation rentals, allow you to search by “Pets allowed.” This makes finding pet-friendly options at your vacation destination much easier. Be sure to check out the reviews of each property, as guests who were happy with the cleanliness and comfort of pet-friendly accommodations serve as great guides for choosing not only a property but also from among the many pet-friendly rooms at the hotel or rental property.

3. Make your reservations early.

Once you do decide on a method of transportation and your preferred hotels and lodging options, call well in advance to reserve both the routes and the rooms. As noted, travel providers often limit the number of pets allowed on a particular flight, and many hotels only have a certain number of pet-friendly rooms available. You may actually need to book your travel dates and times around when your pet can travel and stay.

4. Accustom your pet to travel by crate.

If your dog or cat does not usually stay in a crate for any length of time — or at all — you will need to train your pet to the crate for best results. Determine how long he or she will be in the crate en route and begin to leave your pet in the crate for that amount of time a few times per week, offering plenty of treats and hugs when the door finally opens.

5. Get any necessary health certificates.

Most travel providers require a health certificate from a veterinarian to board. When researching pet policies for air, train or bus travel, find out the paperwork requirements for the provider you plan to travel with and make sure you meet them. You will not be allowed to board without the required papers.

If you follow these five tips for traveling with pets, you set up the best possible vacation for all members of your family. Use DexKnows listings for travel and veterinarians for help securing any of the above.

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