5 Regional Styles of Pizza You’ve Never Heard Of

| October 12, 2012

New England Greek pizzaNew York and Chicago may get most of the attention, but dozens of other pizza styles do exist. We recently profiled five regional pizza favorites; now here are five more to order, whether at pizza restaurants near where you live or at a vacation destination.

1. New England Greek

This area of the country has New Haven-style pizza, but also a Greek-influenced pan-baked pie. It has a thin, firm crust topped with oregano-heavy tomato sauce as well as a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Both the crust and the cheese contribute to this pizza’s oiliness, so be sure to ask for plenty of napkins if you order it at a New England pizza restaurant.

2. Ohio Valley

Square in shape, both by the pie and the piece, this regional style of pizza features a crispy crust with barely there cheese, stewed tomatoes and other toppings that may be added after it comes out of the oven. Fans of this style suggest eating it ASAP for best results.

3. Philadelphia

Another pan-baked pie, this one has a bread-like crust and a sweet tomato sauce. You won’t find mozzarella on a traditional Philly pizza. Instead, the chef adds shakings of Romano or Parmesan. Also, expect square pies and slices when visiting pizza restaurants in the City of Brotherly Love.

4. St. Louis

St. Louis style pizza resembles the Chicago thin-crust variety, but it has an even thinner, yeast-free base that resembles a cracker more than a traditional pizza crust. It comes topped with a three-cheese blend of provolone, Swiss and white cheddar called Provel instead of mozzarella and is in squares instead of triangle slices.

5. Washington D.C.

More of a size-based style than anything else, the pizza slices you find in Washington D.C. resemble New York-style pizza but are even bigger. Fold to eat and enjoy, whether at a pizza restaurant or on the street in D.C.


When you can, order by the slice to learn which styles you like and which ones you don’t without having to waste an entire pie, if the latter proves true. Also, opt for minimal toppings the first time you try a new style, so you can taste the sauce without it being overwhelmed by other flavors.

Now that you know 10 different regional styles of pizza, you can order with confidence in various parts of the country. DexKnows restaurant listings can help you find pizza restaurants no matter where you are in the United States.

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