5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

| December 18, 2012

ski accidentA vacation is a time for rest and relaxation, not stress. Having travel insurance allows you to not worry about unexpected events and accidents before or during a trip. Learn five of the reasons you need this type of insurance, then use DexKnows listings to find an agency that sells it.

1. You need to reschedule.

Whether you suffer a death in the family or an emergency at work comes up, travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage allows you to cancel and still have the funds to reschedule your vacation.

2. Your luggage gets lost or stolen.

A travel insurance policy with lost baggage coverage covers the cost of replacing your items. Such a policy also covers any immediate items you need in case of delayed baggage.

3. You need to cut your trip short.

Again, it could be a death in the family or a work emergency that causes you to shave a few days off your vacation. Travel insurance with trip interruption coverage helps you get home ASAP without breaking the bank.

4. Weather interferes with your travel plans.

A weather event could require you to evacuate while on vacation or make it impossible to leave in the first place. A travel insurance policy provides you with coverage in this case.

5. You or a member of your family gets sick.

You may have health insurance, but does it cover you at a hospital halfway around the world? Or does it pay for an emergency airlift if necessary? You will want to check with the holder of your health insurance policy, then purchase travel insurance with medical coverage to make sure you are covered. Medicare, for example, does not provide coverage overseas.

Experts also recommend travel insurance for trips purchased far in advance, as the operator could go out of business or your own situation could change, and also for complex trips requiring multiple legs and destinations to ensure a missed flight doesn’t derail the entire vacation. Since 9/11, travelers also purchase policies to cover them if they need to change or cancel plans because of a terrorist attack.

Other Info About Travel Insurance

Keep the following in mind when deciding whether to purchase travel insurance:

  • A policy can cost 5 to 12 percent of the total trip.
  • Coverage typically involves reimbursement, meaning you will pay for expenses, then submit paperwork to the insurance company.
  • A travel insurance policy may not cover certain events if you purchase too close to departure date.

If you do decide to purchase a travel insurance policy, DexKnows listings can connect you with insurance companies that provide them.

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