Five Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service

| July 31, 2012

cleaning an apartment Moving? Chances are, you’ve got quite a housecleaning job waiting that needs to be done before you leave. You also want to get off on the right foot in your new place. You can do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you. Consider these reasons to leave it up to a pro and don’t forget to check out DexKnows for housecleaning services in your area.

Save time

Moving isn’t the only thing on your plate. Chores keep piling on, including lining up a rental truck and packing up your belongings. There are also the other everyday tasks that don’t go away just because you are moving. The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International suggests that hiring a cleaning service can free up some of that valuable time to tackle other tasks. You can rest easy knowing it’s going to be handled.

Check your lease

If you rent, check over your lease to see what must be done before moving out. Leases often spell out what is expected. It may require you to clean the carpets or fix any nail holes in the walls. In some cases, there may be a security deposit at stake, with money taken off the deposit if certain tasks are not done. If your lease does not address what’s expected, check with the landlord or property owner.

Leave it to the experts

Not all of us are pros at cleaning. More than that, not all of us have the necessary equipment to do it right. A professional cleaning service may have special carpet scrubbers and other equipment that the ordinary resident would have to rent in order to do a “deep clean.” If cleaning has never been your thing, and considering this is a lot more than just a quick clean up, a cleaning service may get the job done a lot quicker.

Get a good reference

Landlords can and often do check references when deciding whether to rent to you. And they may go back further than the last landlord or property manager. Why risk it. Leaving the place spotless is one “plus” in your column. Your ability to get your future home or apartment may depend on how you cleaned up your previous ones.

Get off on the right foot

Cleaning your last place isn’t the only reason to consider hiring a cleaning service. If you expect to be too busy or don’t want to fall behind again, you may choose to line up a cleaning service for your new home or apartment. Check around and see what’s available by asking neighbors, co-workers, and checking out DexKnows.

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